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Fastest GT-R in Europe

A GT-R built by Gosha Turbo Tech in Russia demonstrated top tier performance at the Greece Unlim 500+, setting record pace in an ETS Super99 powered, Syvecs equipped GT-R. Dragtimes Russia has shared the video of the GT-R on the track, w... >>>Read More   

HKS WTAC 2014 Video: Chapter 2

Tuning powerhouse HKS has shared a new video from this year’s World Time Attack Challenge in Australia, HKS 2014 WTAC - CHAPTER 2. HKS was able to achieve an outright win at the World Time Attack Challenge in th... >>>Read More

Nissan Said to Have Offered Deep Employee Discounts On GT-Rs

One of the editors over on Autospies is reporting that Nissan has been offering its employees deep discounts on GT-Rs. The story centers around the following account posted by editor Agent00J who came across a group o... >>>Read More


First Look at the 2015 GT-R NISMO's Tune

Just recently, a GT-R NISMO was strapped on a dyno in France, and it didn’t take long for pictures to be posted. Unfortunately there was no information from the dyno session. Not long after, the first GT-R NISMO... >>>Read More

Kazutoshi Mizuno Becomes VP of Taiwanese Auto Company

Former GT-R chief Kazutoshi Mizuno has become Vice President of Haitec, a Taiwanese Automotive Company. Mizuno brings decades of experience to Haitec, with his most recent work being the development and management of... >>>Read More

Forbes Reviews the GT-R NISMO

Forbes has posted a solid review of the GT-R NISMO. The review recaps a couple days with the car, giving the author's perspective on the NISMO and how the NISMO fits into his tastes of driving. While the review is... >>>Read More

New GT-R Track Edition by NISMO Hits the Ground in Japan

There have been multiple sightings in Japan of Nissan's newest addition to the GT-R lineup, the GT-R Track Edition engineered by NISMO. The new Track Edition is very different from the 2014 model. This Track Edit... >>>Read More


ETS GT-R on the Dyno: 2,000+ Horsepower

Apparently Extreme Turbo Systems isn’t doing the hibernation thing yet: ETS has shared a video of their GT-R on the dyno, maxing it out with over 2,000 horsepower. The fitted setup? Their T4 Top Mount "front... >>>Read More

GT-R NISMO “The One” Hits the 1/8 Mile

GT-R NISMO owner MC has taken his GT-R to a 1/8 mile track and shared the results. While it’s not a full 1/4 mile track, the numbers he’s seen- 6.901 @ 101.8mph with a 1.59 60’ give us a pretty good... >>>Read More