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New Drag Racing Record for Factory Turbos

Records are continuing to be set in the R35 drag racing world. A GT-R owner in Maryland Elganja has set a new record on factory turbos achieving 9.575 seconds @ 141.43 mph. This time moves the best known time on factory turbos downward a... >>>Read More   


Lexus LF-LC: The Next GT-R Competitor?

Lexus’s long advertised LF-LC concept is not only headed to production, but will apparently be challenging the same car that the GT-R also challenges, the 911 turbo. With the GT-R now focusing on being a high pe... >>>Read More

Officially Official: ETS Front Facing Turbo Kit

Extreme Turbo Systems front facing turbo kit is officially being offered for sale. The kit comprises the turbos themselves as well as the necessary manifolds and mounting accessories. The kit is based around a T4 turb... >>>Read More

RPS Carbon/Carbon Brake Brake Update

Last week we shared news of carbon-carbon brake technology being applied to the R35 GT-R. Carbon-Carbon braking is a new application of one of the most advanced forms of composite based braking in use today. Jotech Mo... >>>Read More

EcuTek Las Vegas GT-R Wallpapers

At this year’s SEMA show, EcuTek held a session for GT-R owners at the Trump Hotel. Ben Linney from Linney Tuning has shared some shots from both the session and driving in the greater Vegas area and they’... >>>Read More

GT-R LM NISMO Reportedly in Testing with Krumm Behind the...

With just a few weeks to go until Nissan's LeMans GT-R goes public, there are reports that the car, the GT-R LM NISMO, has been delivered to Nissan's Arizona facility with Nissan driver Michael Krumm beginning... >>>Read More

SEMA Footage by Vivid Racing

Earlier this month, we were able to capture some of the GTR magic from this year's SEMA show. Well, Vivid Racing, one the GTR Community's long time vendors was good enough to bring up the rear with pictures of... >>>Read More

PPG Intros New R35 GT-R Rear Spool

Once again we need all the road racers, road coursers, and for this one, all the street driving folks to cover their eyes and ears. Ready? Here goes. Pfitzner Performance Gearbox aka PPG has today introduced a new R35... >>>Read More

2015 GT-R Reviewed with 60fps Driving Video

Need more video in your video? YouTube is now offering the ability to host video at a very fluid like 60 frames a second. For the uninitiated, this enables YouTube to properly show videos with double the number of fra... >>>Read More