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Epic Drives Takes 2015 GT-R Through Canadian Rockies

MotorTrend's Epic Drives went on a stunningly beautiful road trip through the Canadian Rockies in a 2015 Black Edition GT-R. The journey for them began in Calgary and ended at the Baker Creek Chalets near Lake Louise. They visited se... >>>Read More   

First Stateside GT-R NISMO Delivery

Almost a full year after the official introduction of the GT-R NISMO in Japan, deliveries have started in the USA! The first GT-R NISMO has been delivered to long time GT-R enthusiast and GT-R Life Admin MC in Nor... >>>Read More

AMS Recaps Texas Invitational

AMS/Alpha Performance has shared a recap of Texas Invitational: The story of how the Alpha Omega GT-R was able to claim victory in top end roll racing against some of the fastest and most respected competitors out the... >>>Read More

GT-R NISMO Live on Nissan USA Website

Nissan USA has officially added the GT-R NISMO to its website, including a GT-R NISMO builder/configurator. The GT-R NISMO launches today and we will be bringing you the latest news on the GT-R NISMO. Edit/Update - T... >>>Read More

R&T Pits 2015 GT-R in Comparison Test with Camaro Z/28

Road and Track put together a comparison test placing the Camaro Z/28 in competition with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, SRT Viper TA, and 2015 GT-R. The article was put together by Jack Baruth who some may recognize a... >>>Read More

26 Years Of Awesome Driving!

As all car enthusiasts know, driving is more than simply a matter of reaching a destination- it's the experience, as sometimes there isn't a destination. This is the story of one such experience: A 26 year lon... >>>Read More

The Difference 450 Horsepower Makes

Switzer Performance shares a video of the new Ultimate Street Edition Pro in action. But more interesting is the comparison between a fast GT-R with bolted on parts that puts down 650 horsepower, and the USE Pro at 1... >>>Read More

GT-R Featured in Wet Conditions Comparison Test

What's the best kind of car for wet conditions? That's the question Autocar asked, so they picked six cars of varying types - front, rear and all wheel drive, and put together a comparison test. The cars? Toyo... >>>Read More

Top Gear Team Spotted Driving 2015 GT-R

The Top Gear trio has been spotted filming for the next season of the show. The sighting was down in Australia and three cars were spotted- a 2015 GT-R as well as a Bentley Continental GT, and what was reportedly a BM... >>>Read More