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2015 GT-R: What's the deal?

Auto Week did a review that they term: "2015 Nissan GT-R Premium review notes." Interestingly enough, there isn't much of a review to speak of. Their assessment leans heavily on an overall assessment of the GT-R from the pers... >>>Read More   

As 911s Go Turbo, What Does This Mean for the GT-R?

Multiple outlets including Car Magazine are reporting that the upcoming 911 facelift- the 991.2 generation- will be going turbo across the entire lineup starting in 2015. Assuming this materializes, it will be a major... >>>Read More

GT-R NISMO Wallpaper Images

Looking for some great NISMO wallpapers? Nissan has released a couple dozen shots of the GT-R NISMO in ultra large sizes. They've been included below in various sizes for your viewing pleasure. We expect more imag... >>>Read More

"Anti-SEMA" GT-R Build Teased by GT-RR

The SEMA show is a magical place. You see anything and everything automotive. That includes everything from modified Ferraris to modified diesel trucks to license plate mountable backup cameras to even knock off tire... >>>Read More

Inside NISMO Omori Factory

SpeedHunters photographer and reporter Dino Dalle Carbonare visited the NISMO Omori Factory and has shared his images from his trip. In case you are unfamiliar: this is the sacred structure that headquarters Nissan... >>>Read More

ALPHA 15" Rear Wheel Conversion

JDM and Time Attack fans, stop reading now. Still with me? Thanks for helping to push the GT-Rs power limits further. ALPHA Performance, no stranger to pushing limits has announced the release of their 15 rear wheel... >>>Read More

GT-R NISMO Driven in Anger at Willow Springs

In the mood to see a GT-R NISMO in its element on track? Andrew Chen of InternetBrands/6SpeedOnline has shared his YouTube video of experiencing a GT-R NISMO at WIllow Springs Raceway at a private press event. Chen co... >>>Read More

Car & Driver's GT-R NISMO Lightning Lap

Car & Driver uploaded their Lightning Lap videos to YouTube today. Among the videos include their GT-R NISMO timed lap. For reference, Car & Driver's approach to this was to conduct testing internally and... >>>Read More

Jun R1 Sets UK Quarter Mile Records

JM Imports shares the story of the quickest GT-R in the UK, a Jun R1 GT-R running an ETS HTA 3586 setup with PPG gearbox, Syvecs computer, with Litchfield support. The time? Quarter mile in 8.38 seconds @ 164mph, with... >>>Read More