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SEMA Footage by Vivid Racing

Earlier this month, we were able to capture some of the GTR magic from this year's SEMA show. Well, Vivid Racing, one the GTR Community's long time vendors was good enough to bring up the rear with pictures of some of the other c... >>>Read More   

PPG Intros New R35 GT-R Rear Spool

Once again we need all the road racers, road coursers, and for this one, all the street driving folks to cover their eyes and ears. Ready? Here goes. Pfitzner Performance Gearbox aka PPG has today introduced a new R35... >>>Read More

2015 GT-R Reviewed with 60fps Driving Video

Need more video in your video? YouTube is now offering the ability to host video at a very fluid like 60 frames a second. For the uninitiated, this enables YouTube to properly show videos with double the number of fra... >>>Read More


First TT Huracan by UGR

UGR is legendary for their work with Lambos so it should come as no surprise that this Huracan will be a formidable track monster once they complete the project. Rumor has it, the the target is 1000+ HP (no surprise t... >>>Read More

Holiday Sales Kicking Off On GT-R Parts

The holidays are on us! This means some terrific sales are ahead. But when it comes to sales in the GT-R world, it’s not just a matter of waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday- some of the sales have alre... >>>Read More


Nissan & Adam Levine Making Music In A GT-R

Last week Nissan announced that Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine would be performing the single “Sugar” inside of a GT-R. The performance, a part of a Nissan promotion with NBC's "The Voice", h... >>>Read More

Our Best Look Yet at the Rendered 2016 GT-R Facelift

This is our best look yet of Best Car Magazine’s render of the 2016 GT-R. This is the upcoming GT-R that will feature a facelifted, revised front end, as well as a number of other changes we've talked about.... >>>Read More


BMW Says Sports Car Market on the Decline, May Never Recover

In an interview with Bloomberg News, BMW's Head of Sales Ian Robertson commented that "The sports-car market is roughly half of what it used to be... post 2008 it just collapsed. I'm not so sure it'll... >>>Read More

AMS Performance Teases Upcoming ALPHA Billet Block

ALPHA Performance/AMS has teased the very first image of their upcoming Alpha billet block for the GT-R. This is a significant teaser for hardcore drag/roll racers because no known stateside GT-Rs are racing with a bi... >>>Read More