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Upcoming 1/2 Mile Racing for GTR Owners from WannaGOFAST

With spring around the corner its about time break the GTRs out again for some 1/2 Mile Racing.    WannaGOFAST has two opportunities in the Southeast  upcoming in May.   The two events will be held in Clayton GA May 6-7 and  Stanley County Airport in New London NC  May 20-21.  GTRLIFE had to opportunity to attend a private testing day in NC  with the GTR NISMO.  It was a lot of fun with the NISMO even in stock form crossing the line in the 150's and reaching a terminal speed of just under 170 before braking!     We will have some great drone footage and a promo video shortly.
check out the Georgia event here and we will be posting the NC event soon!
wannaGOFAST - Georgia 1/2 Mile Runway Shootout - May 6 and 7, 2017