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MOTORTREND: Best Drivers Car 2016 Featuring 2017 GTR

A perennial Best Driver's Car candidate, the Nissan GT-R has shown well but never reached the podium. Could this finally be the year? With the most extensive updates to the car to date, there's compelling on-paper case to be made.

The 2017 GT-R updates start at its core, where its frame has been strengthened to reduce chassis flex. Moving outward, an updated interior is more comfortable and less cluttered. The engine has been upfitted with GT-R NISMO ignition control technology, which adds 24 horsepower and 4 lb-ft of torque for 565 and 467, respectively. More important than the peak numbers, the powerband has been broadened and flattened for more linear response. The seven-speed twin-clutch transmission, meanwhile, has been smoothed out with new control software.

Out in the wind, a new nose greatly increases engine-cooling capacity, and a new rear diffuser, a stiffer hood, and massaged creases keep the drag coefficient unchanged. At the corners, updated active dampers and Dunlop tires work with stronger suspension mounting points to tighten up the handling. Steel Brembo brakes are on stopping duty, pulling against super lightweight Rays wheels.


At turn-in, it will rotate, and I found I had to be a little careful with that. I thought I could just throw the thing into the corner, but this GTR is not a big fan of that. In fact, it doesn’t like it at all. It’ll get too loose at turn-in. Once the weight transfers all the way over and you’re trying to aim for the apex, it starts to understeer if I’ve got too much speed. So it does not like a heavy trail brake late in the brake zone. I had to be a little gentler with my entry, a little more precise, a little more measured with the corner entry. And then the power was very strong. There’s a big surge of torque. It’s got strong, what I would call, midrange, which is probably around 4,000-4,500 rpm, so I found myself having to apex later, and then it actually drove out of the corner real nicely. But I had to be a little bit patient with the throttle or in third gear up. Third or fourth would cause understeer. It would cause understeer as a result of the power more than anything. It just accelerates so hard that it runs wide. So you need a nice late apex. It’s also softer than I recall, much softer. I remember GT-Rs being known for being quite stiff, right? And I found it a little frustrating that I have an R mode, and it’s still soft. And the balance was actually pretty good once I kind of got it a little bit figured out not to overdo it. Historically, GT-Rs could be driven more aggressively. And this car was not rewarding that. I had to be a little bit more precise and then it actually felt like we were going pretty fast. I’ve got a feeling this is probably a much better street car. The NISMO was much more race car.




Mustang was a second quicker than the 2017 GTR




Long gone are the days that American muscle can only do burnouts and go in straight lines. These animals (mustang, Viper) can grip the asphalt and go around a track like a beast. Nissan really needs to step it up and make the track edition, a real track animal. Can't wait for the full reports from MT
M4 GTS underwhelming.
The 2017 GTR hotlap video should be up in a day or so but it's the same lap time used in the NSX comparison of 1:37.08

World's greatest drag race video will be Friday but again like always they use the times of previous tests so the GTR will cross the line with a 11.2@123
I cant believe the gtr only put down a 1.37 when the 570s came in around 1.34. Thats incredible
Part 2


Camaro 1LE less than 1 sec slower than a 2017 GTR :sad:

Man the competition has caught up. They really neutered the 2017 GT-R premium. Wait next year when they have the Camaro ZL1 or Z28. Im sure those will put down impressive numbers.
But this is what they want for the GT-R now. Not so hard edged. Buy the Nismo or Track edition if you really want better times on a road course.

I think gtr deserves to be last here honestly. Sure might be a more comfy daily but they improved the gt part at the expense of the r. Newer models should perform better than the ones they replace, especially if we are talking sports cars. The new direction sucks. I was hoping to get a car next year but I know a 2017 GTR wont be in the list.
Part 3




NOT GOOD when the Carrera S is faster than the 2017 GTR

GTR Hotlap in first post

not sure if its worse to be slower than the Carrera S or the Mustang. Im going to go with the 911 as the actual Turbo/Turbo S model was always the benchmark so it shows more of how things have changed
That review isn't going to sell any cars.
Sigmund Freud
Sep 21 2016 07:59 AM
Time to get Mizuno out of retirement and finish the R35 with a final "epic" edition.

Time to get Mizuno out of retirement and finish the R35 with a final "epic" edition.

Last I heard he works with a Taiwanese start up electric car company
Hotlap rankings for this year

01. Dodge Viper ACR: 1:31.58 $131,990
02. Audi R8 V10 Plus: 1:34.23 $198,850
03. McLaren 570S: 1:34.58 $219.770
04. Mercedes-AMG GT S: 1:35.30 $169,450
05. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R: 1:36.11 $66,990
06. Acura NSX: 1:36.36 $197,400
07. Porsche 911 Carrera S: 1:36.44 $140,465
08. Nissan GT-R 1:37.08 $112,585
09. BMW M4 GTS: 1:37.66 $135,195
10. Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE: 1:37.78 $45,700
11. Jaguar F-Type SVR: 1:38.75 $147,945
12. Aston Martin V12 Vantage S: 1:41.77 $211,910
Really terrible result - I'll be the first to say it.
Reading Randy's comments is probably what Tamura and his team wanted to hear. He definitely has created a definitive line between "GT" and "R", where Mizuno's vision was right down the middle.
Get a Track Edition on Nismo if you want bragging rights on the track. Get the Premium or Pure for 99% of the driving environments these cars see from owners.

It's just kind of disappointing that the performance has gone down with the new year. They said the fastest non-nismo GTR completed the course at 1:36 and this one is a second slower. They're going to wrong direction IMO.
That Viper looks really stupid. It has to be fast to outrun the shame of being seen in it.
glad I didn't wait for a MY17 before getting into the game :)
Wish the 17 Nismo was available for this

That Viper looks really stupid. It has to be fast to outrun the shame of being seen in it.

yea , a 2017 gtr looks like an ugly minivan parked next to that stupid looking Viper LOL

Wish the 17 Nismo was available for this

I just hope the 17 NISMO can equal the time of the 2015 NISMO since its suspension has been softened too. The only performance Data we have on the 17 NISMO is it was "up to 2%" quicker on Nissan's slalom testing course.

So it will need to beat a 1:35.5. at Laguna. It might as im not sure if you guys remember but the 2015 NISMO loaned to motortrend for that lap in 2014 notes it didnt feel like it was making all 600hp.( its 1/4 mile was even a tenth or so off) because we later found out the a secret that the NISMO is far more susceptible to lower octane than the standard GTR. Ive been told on 91 it can be down easily 30hp+. months later they tested another NISMO vs that Z06 on a different course and they noted it felt much faster. I think I remember someone from motortrend replying to me that they used octane booster. I feel it should have been in the high 1:34's
Shelby GT350R did awesome times for $66K car so as the Camaro 1LE
"The seven-speed twin-clutch transmission, meanwhile, has been smoothed out with new control software."

:Godzilla: :worshipgtr: :Godzilla:
I love my 2016 BE, midpipe/tune and i will smoke any of those cars on the street.... Just knowing that i can is enough....