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Next month at the annual Tokyo Auto Salon, NISMO will officially debut the 2017 Spec of the N attack Package for the updated GTR NISMO.  The Package will essentially be what is currently available for the 2015-2016 GTR NISMO. This Package in its full form allowed the GTR NISMO to complete the Nurburgring in 7:08 setting a volume production car record at the time. The 2017 GTR NISMO was not tested at the Ring but NISMO states similar results would be achieved with the N Attack equipped.  This car will premiere Jan 13th. Stay Tuned for more details


i have to get that front bumper 17 nismo looks so much better than previous year!
Not a fan of the red stripes, but i want those wheels :P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


I hope someone buys this. I would like to know how much boost it makes.

To reach 312 KPH down the straights, maybe 17 pounds all the way to red line ???

Pretty sure there is no additional power or boost the ECU tune I was told manages the compressor surge from the BOV delete and gives it a little more instantaneous throttle response

They described the ring package containing an ECU reflash. Maybe this is all that was? I watched the GT-3 speeds on the same straight and only 292 KPH . I know much lower drag CO but lots more speed for the Nismo. 

I was at the TAS this past weekend and took real pics of new 2017 GTR NISMO N ATTACK...beautiful car.  I had a chance to sit in the car and it feels nice.


32347834306_37295770cf_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


31576096483_ed77b5a770_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


31576097433_f160bb00ae_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32266771901_9713f34d5f_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32266772121_95a2e08d17_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


31544379294_85ab8c9cf5_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32266772591_20cb84c4a7_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32347867736_1739d5241d_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32236758452_e1cb24f684_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


31544379774_66e0deab04_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32266772691_3c90450ab3_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr

really appreciate the pics  just wish you could have smuggled those floor mats back for me  ;)

Also, I visited Nissan dealer in Ginza, Tokyo.  They gave me 2017 hard cover GT-R and Nismo brochure.  According to the brochure, they offer Matte Gray in Japan.


31544632904_84fc9b9f12_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32237037052_1a2bc9f83c_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


31576349133_755487f9ca_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32387387105_9239a01019_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr


32237037392_60f3623666_b.jpgUntitled by Skyline_GTR34, on Flickr





Carbon fiber intakes shown in 1 picture........ very nice.

i want those wheels!!

whites the goodens

just when u get you dream car they change the goal posts

It miss the front wheel side vents ... I really love the 2016 Nismo one.