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2017 Nissan GTR Track Edition On Sale in Canada

The 2017 Nissan GTR Track Edition as finally made its way to North America.   The latest iteration of the GTR Track Edition has already been available in most other markets where the GTR sold including Europe and Japan.  Rumors have been swirling for months about an appearance in the US in very limited quantities to sit above the Premium but under the NISMO. So far the Track Edition has not been officially announced for the US  but it is now official for Canada.  A few of these mysteriously showed up at Canadian dealers a few months ago, sans window stickers, which left some wondering what exactly was going on.  Now the Track Edition has been added to Nissan Canada's  website with a starting price of   149,100 CAD.  For those that need a refresher the 2017 Track Edition includes all equipment of the Premium but  with  NISMO tuned suspension chassis stiffening and wheels from the top dog NISMO trim.  The Track edition also gets a carbon spoiler and red accent Recaro seats from the now retired Black Edition.  We will keep you posted on any updates on Track Edition availability in the US but Canadian GTR enthusiasts you are in luck. Build Yours Here


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Very nice... I love that package.

My local Dealership just landed a 2017 Nismo, in white, a few days ago, asking $202,600
It's in the showroom parked next to their 2016 Nismo in SS, priced $17,400 less, that they've had since day one and can't seem to sell.

I'd sure love to take the white one home...

Your dealer apparently likes the Nismo GTRs very much that they prefer to look at them rather than sell them.

Ha! No doubt.

Apparently, dealership 'Showroom Queens' are the next best thing :)

Loved the 2014 Track Editions! Can't wait for these to land in the states. I guess we should expect pricing around 130-135k?

That's surprising. Canada usually gets the last of the allocations.

That's surprising. Canada usually gets the last of the allocations.

Well, we've been lobbying Nissan Canada since 2008 lol... something had to give :)

I am truely amazed Nissan comes out with another track addition without proper brake and trans cooling.

I just don't get it and NISSAN CAN'T READ THE PORSCHE PLAY BOOK.....................