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Nissan Offers Complimentary VIR Track Experience to new GTR Owners

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan is showing a little extra thanks for new GT-R owners this holiday week with the announcement that along with the purchase of a 2017 GT-R comes a complimentary full day of instruction at the legendary Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in Danville, Virginia.
Owners will use their own vehicles – once break-in procedures are complete – to drive on one of five track configurations at VIR, with a top performance driving instructor advising on proper technique2.
"The GT-R is one of the most iconic and impressive sports cars on the market today, but there are very few places to explore the vehicle's full potential in a safe, controlled and supervised situation," said Eric Ledieu, director, Sports Car Marketing, Nissan North America. "It made sense to link our owners with a track like Virginia International Raceway for a world-class driving experience in a responsible fashion."
Once a new GT-R owner takes delivery of their vehicle, they'll receive instruction on next steps to reserve their complimentary instruction / track time – a $2,000 value. Owners will also be able to explore the local area, which includes great driving roads, resort hotels and shopping. 
Added Ledieu: "Of note, owners will be able to take part in this instruction and activity in their own car while retaining the full manufacturer's warranty on their vehicle, which is rare in the industry


that's a nice touch! 

Im happy this is finally being announced.  I have been brainstorming with the head of VIR PR for a while on this and they just got the  go ahead.



GTRLIFE is going to play a major part as  we are going to try  to organize multiple new semi local owners attending at the same time to make it more like a GTR track day.


If anyone has questions please ask.. I know the first will be who is elidgeable and it is for new owners going forward however if you have recently bought a GTR say over this summer and want to attend I can probably make that happen

Has to be a 2017? Just picked up a new 16 last Friday.

no you are good to go!   they are going to work with owners  who like I said have purchased say the last 90 days or so.   basically if you have purchased this Spring/Summer and you really want to go PM me and I can help

Okay, I'd be interested in doing this. Do you have a rough idea on when it will happen? Not specific dates, but perhaps a month or two timeframe?

This is a perfect idea at a sales standpoint. First they get you to buy the car, then within the first few months you'll have them back for oil/transmission/brake/rotor change! That's at least 4-5k right back in the dealer's pocket if the owner sticks with the OEM stuff. :P



It is a pretty awesome perk though. I'd cash in on it if I had the opportunity.

time to trade in the 15 for a 17 lol

I am set up for this as well! Setting it up when I'm back in CA from HI.


let me know what date you are doing and I will come up there with my car

for those interested I have a little more info.   it looks like you will be able to select from  about 20 different dates.    I had a phone call with Nissan yesterday and my suggestion was  to try to coordinate  a a good number of owners all on the same dates to make it more like one of the GTR Experience days you guys might be familiar with from a few  years ago.  They said its very dependent  on  overall interest  but I talked to VIR and they are open to ideas.    That is one reason why Nissan reached out to me for this is besides the fact its my home track only 1 hour away  we did a great job getting turn out to the   NISMO Academy and GTR days.


so as it stands now any new owner can pick one of these days and if it goes over well  Im hoping  next spring or summer we can get maybe a few dozen out on the same day and have Nissan bring some additional resources out. 


I Think the way its being handled right now is the dealer you buy the car from will have some materials for you  but im going to create a thread dedicated to this  where everyone interested can interact and possibly plan their days together

Great work Matt....  continue to lead the community in a good direction!

Ford does something like this.  When I bought my 2013 Boss 302, included is a free 1 day course at the Ford Racing Performance Driving school in Utah at Miller Motorsports park.  Such a great experience.


SRT also does something similar.  When I bought my 2012 Challenger SRT8, there was a free SRT Track experience where you drive all the SRTs on a track.


....I need to stop buying cars.

Not sure if I want to drive 13 hours then throw the car on the track cuz I may not make it back to Boston without replacing everything on the car. But I am still interested to consider it. Maybe just go with some friends to observe and chill with other owners?

indycase,   one light track day isnt going to do too much damage to the car.   Enjoy the car!

more info at this site!





they officially list eligibility from  Nov 14th 2016  - March 31st  2017 but again if you just bought a new GTR the past couple months and want to attend please PM me

Matt, is it your Birthday today?   according to your twitter it is,  so.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Yeah it is haha  thanks!   :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday Matt
Happy Birthday!

indycase,   one light track day isnt going to do too much damage to the car.   Enjoy the car!

I'm more concerned about driving 27 hours to get to and from the track :). Maybe I will find a friend to go. Besides I've taken a 5-series diesel wagon with winter tires on the Ring in Germany and it survived :)

no you are good to go!   they are going to work with owners  who like I said have purchased say the last 90 days or so.   basically if you have purchased this Spring/Summer and you really want to go PM me and I can help

Mc. I bought a 2016 about 90 days ago. I'd love to do this!

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Again, you're doing it wrong........................Jesus can you stop hiring people from GM to oversee this department..............Stahp.........................

Nissan should copy the program like bmw M .


And have a  fleet of cars.

they did that in past  at both the  the GTR Experience days in 2011 and the NISMO Performance Academy