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In Topic: GT-R Fall Festival - Oct 3-5, 2014 - Fontana, NC

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

 audioenvy, on 28 July 2014 - 01:58 PM, said:

This sounds like a "Beach Party moves to the Mountains" type of thing. Not sure I can make it but it sounds like a blast.

That is a good analogy, Steve.  Anyone who has attended ZDayZ (in May each year) knows the area lends itself to some fun car stuff during daylight hours and plenty of beverage induced comaraderie after the sun goes down.  That is as much a social event as it is a car event and I'd love to see us be able to gather GT-Rs annually in the same fashion to complement what is already available in the form of TX2K and similar events.

Let me know if you get to the point you are definitely in and I'll add you to the list   :-)

In Topic: **GTR NISMO N Attack Package pricing and details released for JDM market**

Yesterday, 01:47 PM

I have to agree with some ideas others have expressed in this thread (repeated from numerous prior threads).  I see no reason at this point Nissan should not be offering both CCB and R-compound type tires as add-on options to their basic packages (edit: add cooling packages to this list).  I don't see how this upsets status quo for models being offered as they are today.  To keep dealers from having over-optioned/over-priced GT-Rs on their showroom, Nissan could simply require certain options only be available as special order at the time the customer orders the car.  Inventory cars would be our current fair and something with the extra track bits would be a special order car the customer has to wait on.

In Topic: **2015 GT-R & GT-R NISMO: LIVE Launch Coverage & Discussion**

Yesterday, 11:48 AM

View PostMC, on 28 July 2014 - 09:53 AM, said:

He also didnt like the GTR being grouped in with the other NISMO branded cars.  Its no coincidence the NISMO  introduction was the first major thing to come out of the post Mizuno GTR Era.   Tamura who is the head of the GTR program is also head of the NISMO road cars and it was a natural fit.   the R36 will have even closer ties with NISMO.
I think this is what I have the toughest time with.  I know Nissan is trying to make parts of their product line more attractive to the performace minded crowd and there are different approaches to this with each model, but when you starting having NISMO everything it becomes kind of joke.  NISMO GT-R or Z... I get that *if* the models are distinct performance-wise from the normal models.  NISMO Juke?  NISMO Versa Note?  really???  That is just pandering a brand without offering true substance.  NISMO will never be said in the same breath as AMG or Rennsport or other uptier performance lines if they keep slapping NISMO badges on their econobox entry level cars as well.

View PostVonHammer, on 28 July 2014 - 10:51 AM, said:

I have to admit I do miss Mizuno, big time, but the GTR though it had vast performance, every manufacturer had caught up or surpassed his true vision!

I wonder what he would have done to keep it at the top? Hopefully the Nismo will bring back what the GTR was lost towards the end? X my fingers it's a monster!

I think the R35 has had a spectacular run.  The fact is it is already an aging platform. Other manufacturers have caught up and started to surpass its abilities.  Such is the nature of competion in the auto industry.  With any luck, the next gen GT-R will keep it on the leading edge with or ahead of its competitors.  I just hope they can pull it off without a big price increase.

In Topic: GT-R Fall Festival - Oct 3-5, 2014 - Fontana, NC

Yesterday, 10:28 AM

I should also add... this will be an all weather event.  The GT-R is a car that excels in any condition and the roads can be just as much fun in the rain as when it is nice.  Arrangements are already being made with Killboy to ensure their photo crews are out taking pics for those interested (also a rain or shine deal as this photo of my car during ZDayZ this year demonstrates)  :-)


In Topic: **GTR NISMO N Attack Package pricing and details released for JDM market**

Yesterday, 09:09 AM

View PostMC, on 25 July 2014 - 06:37 PM, said:

instead of everyone being negative.  This is your chance for some productive input about how the N attack could be offered  in our market as  some of the feedback in this thread is going to the GTR team here in the US.

I will start.  I think that Kit A might not be feasible with some of its components when it comes to maintaining a warranty and complying with US  DOT.  the ECU/TCM requirements as I would image that would require a seperate emissions test which considering the extremely low quantity it might not be worth it.  The BOV delete intakes are another unkown when it comes to warranty considerations as well as the carbon race diffs and on and on.

Kit  B or atleast a version of it would be more inline with something I could see them offering.  the fenders hood and the wing extensions I think would be  something that could be sold after the fact aswell as the brake pads and really the  feature of the Kit... the Suspension.   again Im not sure if they could pull off the dedicated ECU/TCM here as well but my question is   would any prospective owner be interested in a kit that included the body work suspension and pads? If so what price point would you be in on?  I personally think  knowing  the bodywork is all dry carbon and the cost of some OILHNS  4 way suspension set ups that I think  30K-35K  would be acceptable.

we wouldnt get the seats because of the same reason we arnt getting the carbon back ones  due to the airbag law. so  there is one reason alone why our N attack could never be identical to what you will see in another market?

anyone with some productive feedback or opinion  that maybe nissan could use to gauge interest?

So, you bring up some interesting points, Matt.  One place I think Nissan misses the mark with this is only offering NISMO models.  There is little or no NISMO parts offerings stateside.  I think having packages that are more reasonably priced than what they ask for individual replacement parts and available for anyone to purchase and add to their normal GT-R would be a big plus.  How many owners on this forum alone would buy a full NISMO body kit if appropriately priced?  Or those gorgeous CF backed seats?  The biggest issues I see is the price tag Nissan has on these parts as stand alones now and the fact you would potentially have a buttload of "clone" NISMOs running around.  Though, I don't see how the latter really matters.  So many cars are getting personalized in one way or another already. Nissan could cash in on that and while there are more 'visible' NISMOs running around, the real ones would/should hold value because they are still genuinely rare.