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View PostMC, on 24 July 2014 - 06:34 AM, said:

when he says the engineers say its capable of "7:16." its important to know that those same engineers pegged the  N attack at 7:10  according to Tamura-San. Thats why they were so happy when Michael Krumm broke into the 7:08. so I think  Mr Palmer is right in that the driver variable is good for a few seconds so I think 7:13/7:14 is not out of reason with him at the wheel just like  7:08 wasnt with the  7:10 engineer expectation

Ive reached out to Michael Krumm aswell as he was quoted saying the  N attack itself was possibly capable of 2 more secs hypothetical (7:06) with cleaning up a few small mistakes he made. so I would like to know his assessment of the NISMO time too with the driver plugged in.

I get that, but let me quote something from the June 2014 EVO article (bolded emphasis is mine)...

Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist for the GT-R, explains why they wanted to go sub-7:10 at the Ring: "To be honest another one or two seconds knocked off last year's lap time would not jump out.  And even a change in wind direction can account for that difference.  So we wanted to make big progress."

To me that says the regular NISMO was only bettering last years time by that one or two seconds, not hitting a time significantly better and explains why no time for the regular NISMO has surfaced yet.

I respect that Krumm thinks the car itself (the N-attack) may be capable of even a 7:06 time (which would imply the regular NISMO is theoritcally slightly faster too), BUT.. and this is the important part... The N-attack did NOT do a 7:06, it did a 7:08.  Doesn't matter what the car itself it is capable of on an absolute perfect lap.  What matters is what they were able to achieve with the best driver on the best run..  The same issue of EVO, Krumm mentions the 7:06 time but also says trying for that would have greatly increased the risk of botching the entire lap and not even hitting the 7:10 mark.

It's all benchracing, but you cannot even benchrace on what was not achieved, only what was.  The N-attack hit 7:08 and change, that's it.  If the regular NISMO did a lap faster than 7:15 (with Krumm or anyone else at the wheel), I'd be surprised considering the additional effort to attain sub-7:10.  If it were 1/2 way between the standard GT-R and the N-attack NISMO, I see no reason Nissan would not be making that time public as well.

In Topic: ***BREAKING NEWS****GTR NISMO N Attack Package pricing and details released f...

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View PostMC, on 24 July 2014 - 06:12 AM, said:

I told you guys I would try to find out and im one step closer

Posted Image

That is right in the range I predicted.  It just does not seem feasible they would do as much extra development to the NISMO and only gain 3-4 seconds.  There was a LOT of effort specifically put into breaking out the sub-7:10 lap time.

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View PostGodzilla2009, on 24 July 2014 - 05:38 AM, said:

The nismo
Is lighter and more powerful.
It must be faster otherwise It's a massive joke.

It is sad that you think lighter and more powerful = faster. There are lots of forces at work... gearing, suspension dampening, traction, etc. etc.  It is distinctly possible to not be straight line faster from a stand still even though a car is lighter and more powerful.  Again, this is not the goal of the NISMO.  It was not developed specifically to outaccelerate the standard GT-R.  It is a road course focused package meant to improve on the standard GT-R's road course prowess.  What part of the Nurburgring, where the car was developed to set a Nissan-claimed volume production car ***LAP*** record, is a drag strip?

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Today, 05:27 AM

Still can't get over the obsession with straight line performance in this country.  I'd be ok with the NISMO **only** (sarcastic overtone) being as fast as standard GT-R in a straight line.  That's not really the point.  It is made to go around a circuit fast and, to MC's point, the Laguna Seca lap is where it needs to shine.  If it gets any straight line performance gain, that is just icing on the cake but not really critical.  I almost hate to use this analogy, but the NISMO is to the GT-R what the Z/28 is to the Camaro.  Look at where the focus was on that car.  The acceleration is actually worse than cheaper models, but it would easily outlap any of its lesser brethren.

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Today, 05:22 AM

View PostATL_GT-R, on 24 July 2014 - 12:06 AM, said:

Truly a waste of money.  Bummer to see that Nissan has diverted so far from the initial premise in the US market.  By the time this is available, an Aventador will be $310k.

I don't agree completely.  Definitely not the price for performance you would want.  But how many of these will actually be ordered and make it to customer hands?  5?  10?  We're talking 20 tops and probably fewer than that.  Then look at what the really limited editions of R34s sell for compared to the regular ones.  No one buying this edition of the car is going to lose money.  It will be a novelty investment car for those who want a super special edition R35 that they will never drive.  If I had that kind of cash, I'd be tempted to get one... but only if I had another car or three to enjoy driving because this one would likely sit in a bubble in my garage.