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Think Twice about D&V Autobody of Dulles, VA

15 October 2013 - 08:29 PM

I had my black 2013 GTR at D&V Autobody of Dulles, VA for 13 days getting some minor repairs to the right rear quarter panel and bumper where some jackoff decided he wanted to be in the lane I was in. (Dropped off car on Tuesday, October 2, 2013)

The original estimate for the repair was 4-days, which included repainting the quarter panel and bumper assemblies.  After 8-days (4-days more than their estimate) they finally called and I performed the pre-delivery inspection, which the paint job was simply horrible.  An example is they didn’t prep the quarter panel in front of the rear tire and shot paint over top a year’s worth of rock peppering from the tire which caused some major paint defects as one could imagine.  If they are going to paint match the entire quarter panel, why wouldn’t you prep the entire quarter panel. The rear bumper assemblies had several paint related issues as well, to include debris in the paint.

After refusing delivery I spent the next 5 days visiting the shop to discovery additional damage being made when trying to correct the previous issues. (Prior to this I was hands off to allow the shop to do what I thought they do best.)  At this point they have wet sanded the clear coat and compounded it at least a half dozen times.
Today, the wet sanded areas started hazing bad and upon inspection with a xenon detailer’s lamp, the clear coat has major scratching and hazing from all the compounding. My detailer is estimating at least $600+ in paint correction to get it back to OEM quality.  The only problem, he is afraid that the clear coat may be very thin in those areas they have already done and further sanding will breach to the next layer. Their website advertises that their paint process exceeds the OEM Factory finish; however, the paint job they have performed is certainly substandard.

The shop thus far has agreed to fix the issues but this is at a personal loss of use for issues that shouldn’t have happened in the first place if there was quality control in place.  I’ve remained very professional with them during this whole process since they haven’t refused at any point to not correct their mistakes.  I’m extremely disappointed with this shop considering all the positive reviews they have on the internet and the fact that most Nissan dealerships in the area recommend them and Ferrari of Washington sends their cars there for repairs.  It must be the curse of the black car, I just can’t seem to get them to get this paint back to factory level.  On a side note, I have a professional detailer compound and apply was twice a year to keep the finish in top shape.  Basically the work that D&V Autobody has done doesn’t even match the quality of the aged factory finish…..

YMMV but I would certainly think twice about bringing any vehicle to this shop and be prepared to inspect your vehicle in great detail to ensure the work is being done correctly.  I would even go as far as having an independent inspector check their work before taking delivery. For a $1,500 repair, I have had problems equal to a $15,000 repair.  If this was the best shop in the area, I would hate to see the workmanship in the second best shop in the area.......