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Recommended (and reasons for) engine oil viscosity for track use please

19 August 2013 - 08:40 AM

Hi guys,
I know there must be a topic about this somewhere but a few quick search did not come up exactly and so many other threads. I've been using 0W40 Mobil 1 for the track (as manual says the engine was designed with 0W40 in mind) and my car is mainly for track use. I've heard a lot about 15W50 or some other more viscous oil.
What do people use (brands, viscosity) and why please? Evidence (Blackstone analysis) would be great!
Or someone can simply direct me to the thread that this issue discussed. Sorry for being lazy and not looking harder.
Thanks a bunch.

Can (and how do) I fit 405 mm. PFC front rotors to 2010 GTR

13 August 2013 - 11:00 AM

Hi guys,
Need help from someone who has done this before. I know that 405 mm. front slotted rotors are for 2011 or later (http://www.part-box....oducts_id=81838). I like the idea of bigger, thicker rotors (more heat capacity) for track (ab)use. Can I just put caliper spacer there and it would work? or I need deeper caliper bolts? or this would never work at all and I have to stick with dimple 380 rotors (http://tinyurl.com/knfgy5o). I talked to folks at Performance Friction and they cannot confidently say how it would work or not.