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F10 M5 60-130mph time

15 September 2013 - 06:58 AM

Yesterday morning it was nice and cool in the DC metro area and I took my F10 M5 out to a private road to get some vbox data. My M5 only has drop-in K&N air filters and Supersprint Race mufflers... That is it. The car had a smidge over 1/2 tank of 93 octane and my 240+lbs behind the wheel.

1st run I decided to just stomp on the gas at about 40mph and let the DCT do its thing. I ended up running an 8.57s 60-130mph time on a 2.03% decline in about -220' DA conditions.

I circled back around and immediately did a standing start. The M5 put down the following numbers (without launch control, without airing down tires, no cool down and no track prep as this is just a normal road) with a 1 foot roll-out like most US car mags use:

0-60mph: 3.67
0-100mph: 7.70
0-120mph: 10.70
0-130mph: 12.49
1/4m: 11.69 @ 125.56 mph (if I average the last 66' like a drag strip it was 124.75mph)

Btw, in the same state of mods it ran 11.835 @ 120.87mph in 2K'+ DA at a track not know for its prep and trap speeds (75-80 Dragway). The same night an '09 CTS-V (auto) with intake and tune was trapping 116mph.