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3500rpm Launch = Consistent 2.8 0- 60 runs (DBA, Tune, Midpipe)

16 April 2015 - 03:09 PM

I added a Cobb tune, AAM midpipe and Michelin PSS tires to my 2013. I'm running about 18.5psi peek tapering down to about 14.5psi at redline.

I noticed that the stock 4100rpm launch would spin the tires leaving two long black strips behind.

Unless the asphalt was newer and the tires were super hot the car would spin. This is with stock power. After the tune it wasn't any better.

I decided to lower the launch RPM to 3500 and it worked well. Consistent 2.8 seconds to 60 with my Vbox on all surfaces. No wheel spin hence less tire wear. My best 0-60 on the street with a 4100rpm launch with my tune and very little spin was 2.6 seconds. I will gladly accept two tenths slower 0-60 times for reliable launches with much less tire wear and drive-train strain.

Go ahead and try the 3500rpm launch. You'll be happy you did.

Note: This launch control advise is for 2012+ DBA GT-R's. Stock to mildly modified (tune / midpipe) 2009-2011 CBA cars launch poorly even with newer LC software. Too low RPM and they bog. Too high and you get wheel hop / spin. 4100 - 4200 rpm with LC5 on a CBA seems to be the sweet spot but it's hard to get 0-60 times under 3 seconds on the street with just a tune and midpipe.

Below is the V-box graph of my 2.6 second 0-60 run.  My mods were a Cobb tune and AAM resonated midpipe. 4100 RPM launch and the car hooked very well.

Posted Image

Here is the V-Box Graph of my 3,500 rpms launch.  Cobb AP running an 18.5psi tune and an AAM resonated midpipe.  Zero wheel spin and much less drive train shock on the initial launch.  The car consistently runs 2.8 second 0-60 times. This is a great street setup that is easy on the tires and car. Note: This is for DBA 2012+ cars only.

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For Sale: HKS Resonated Midpipe 33004-KN001

13 April 2015 - 10:18 AM

Up for sale is my HKS Resonated Midpipe Part Number 33004-KN001

I took it off my 2013. It's been on the car since June of 2014 so about a year.

It's in great shape. Still very shiny with no dents. There are a few scratches on the bottom of the resonator but that does not effect anything.

Here are dimensions and weight of the box so you can figure out yourself how much shipping will be. I think fedex ground will be the best bet but I will ship it UPS if you prefer. 55L 15W 7H  and it weights 24 pounds.  The ship from zip code is 33480

I will only ship it insured and you must have a confirmed paypal address.

$750 plus shipping and paypal fee.

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Why is my AFR on my DBA reading so low? Data log inside

31 March 2015 - 03:34 PM

Doing some testing with Cobb's stg 1 93 OTS tune on my DBA 2013 with a midpipe.

I set the fuel to 11.6 from 5500rpm to redline and I am seeing the AFR's drop into the high 10's as the RPM's rise.

What's up with that? I have not touched any other settings within the OTS map. It's the most recent V600 OTS map.

See Fuel Map attached.

Here is the data log.

EDIT : There was some sort of glitch with my tunes not saving correctly when I tried to write over the existing file name. I worked around this by creating a new file name every time I made changes to my tune.

It seems the Low Det Fuel Table in ATR is now matching up with the AFR NEW in my data logs.  ATR Version V2  with my 2013 DBA.


Ecutek uninstall rumor.....

19 March 2015 - 03:49 PM

Is it true that once you flash with Ecutek software and you uninstall it you can't flash your car with Cobb?

The only way to flash the car with Cobb software is to go to the dealer and have them re-flash the car with stock software.

Why would EcuTek do that? Seems kind of underhanded and not cool.

Unless I am mistaken. Please fill me in here.

Please don't respond if you HAVEN'T TESTED IT YOURSELF!

EDIT: According to Ben Linney you can flash a Cobb tune to your GT-R's ECU once Ecutek has been removed. That is great news. Thank you for dispelling this myth.

Ecutek can't read DBA Launch Controls?

19 March 2015 - 03:45 PM

I hooked up an Ecutek cable to my DBA and it showed 0 launch controls. It says VDC off starts or something like that.

The DBA launches with R on.

Is there a way to view the launches on a DBA car?