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Dream car crushed in front of me...

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Well not really crushed..

Wtf was he thinking

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Legal actions?

07 April 2014 - 02:14 AM

Was thinking if i should post this or not on here, so here it as i am still rattled of what happened and how they treated me...

This mght end up long read, but i appreciate if u guys read this and provide any info as if i should do anything about this.

So saturday night i, my brother and 3 other buddies decided to go out to one of the night clubs down town where we usually go

Usually we get in right away as one of my buddies is a main bouncer there, but that night he was off and took us lil longer to get in the club (around 11:55) about 25mins later my brother is getting kicked out "apperantly he was watched by one of the bouncers for 45mins, while we were there only for 25 mins or so)  so i was like wtf is this shit it happens everytime we go there by the same guy.. So after they talked to my bro and walked him out i went and followed the bouncer who decided to kick my bro out and ask why they always do same crap and ruin our night

Him: he was intoxicated
Me: ok isnt everyone in here drunk and shit?
Then he wasnt saying much.. Slowly i was getting pissed of just looking at this guys face.
Me: i am intoxicated as well are u gonna kick me out as well? ( i was sober, i dont even drink anymore)
Him: do u want me to
Me: yeah go ahead already
So he flashes the flash light so more bouncers come, so after 20 seconds of me talking to him 2 of them came so i started talking to one of them asking as why they do this everytime. Due to music being so loud he didnt say much to me after 1mins or so, so i decided to walk out slowly.

So theres 2 bouncers in front of me and one behind me..As it was crowded i took my time to walk out slowly being followed by  3 of them, About 20-30seconds later dude behind me starts pushing me, so i stop turned around and said "quit pushing me already" as i turned around and started walking forward, out of nowhere dude behind me jumps on me and starts choking me at that moment i kind of bent forward to get him of me as i did that 2 bouncers in front started grabbing me and what not.. 10-15 seconds later i was gasping for air and there wasnt much that i could do as i had no air and started to black out so i slowly dropped to the ground and they still wouldnt let go until one of my buddies that i know jumped in and pushed them of me.

He told his buddies that i said i was gonna stab him which he did what he did. (Dudes apperantly ufc trainer And he knew how to take me down as i am a pretty big guy) lol bitch ass move tho

I was sober, did not try to fight nor resist when they held me

Here i am 28 hours later my throat hurts even when i try to drink water even more when i try to eat something, i can barely talk..  It had to be the worst feeling as i thought i was just gonna pass out.

I feel like i was pretty much assulted, but then what do i know maybe they"re like police and do whatever they want as this is my first time dealing with them.

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04 April 2014 - 12:06 AM

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16 March 2014 - 11:21 PM

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