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Nissan Executive Talks R36 GT-R

Nissan Senior Vice President Shiro Nakamura has given new bits of information on the upcoming R36 GT-R. In an interview with Top Gear, Nakamura commented that the R36 GT-R was on its... >>>Read More

TopSpeed Motorsports Hits the Half Mile

Last weekend, Georgia based tuning shop TopSpeed Motorsports visited a half mile racing event held by WannaGoFast in Ocala, Florida. The event saw TopSpeed racing their own 4.4 Liter... >>>Read More

ETS Intros New Super Race Intercooler

Extreme Turbo Systems has introduced their new Super Race Intercooler for the GT-R. The new ETS Super Race Intercooler is the very same one that’s found on their 7.75 second GT... >>>Read More

Nissan Japan Begins Supplying New Updated OEM GT-R Parts

Just prior to the launch of Nissan’s latest GT-R here in North America, Nissan Japan has started to make its latest OEM GT-R parts available. Among the parts being made availab... >>>Read More

Next Week’s Top Gear to Feature the GT-R in Australia

Next week’s episode of Top Gear is slated to feature Clarkson, May and Hammond’s adventure in Australia. The feature will include the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, Bentley Continent... >>>Read More

Porsche Confirms Turbo For Standard 911s, Hybrid on the Way

Porsche has confirmed recent rounds of rumors that the next generation 911 will go turbocharged. Speaking with TopGear, Porsche’s engineering head Wolfgang Hatz commented that... >>>Read More

T1 Race Development 2015 Shop GT-R Build

Winter might be on us, but Texas tuning house T1 Race Development is hard at work on a special GT-R build for 2015. The goal? A T1 shop GT-R capable of performing at the highest leve... >>>Read More

The Story Behind the GT-R Powered Renault R.S. 01

Renault has shared a video that tells the story behind the development of its GT-R powered R.S. 01 race car. The car was designed and developed by Renault with the help of Dallara, a... >>>Read More

A Look At The 2016 GT-R Order Guide

A copy of the North American dealer ordering guide for the upcoming 2016 GT-R has surfaced with a few surprises in tow. The first stand out item is the presence of the 45th Annivers... >>>Read More

GT-R NISMO GT3 Assetto Corsa Preview

Last year it was announced that the GT-R NISMO and the GT-R NISMO GT3 were on their way to racing sim Assetto Corsa. Now the developer, Kunos Simulazioni, has released a preview of t... >>>Read More