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Shift S3ctor 7: ETS GT-R Goes Off, Spins @ 200+mph

At Shift S3ctor 7, Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R went off track, spinning at over 200mph. Thankfully the driver was unhurt and the car was mostly OK. Here's the story from ETS and c... >>>Read More

Sneak Peek: Ecutek Sema GT-R Wrap

EcuTek is preparing for SEMA 2014 and today, Ben Linney from LinneyTuning has shared some shots of an upcoming EcuTek SEMA build. He notes that the car will be on display in Vegas an... >>>Read More

Buschur Racing Runs 8.75 on Stock Manifolds

Top dogs in the R35 game continue to push deeper into the 7s with AMS/ALPHA Performance leading the charge and ETS shortly behind, but lower in the atmosphere, limits are still being... >>>Read More

TX2K15 Roll Racing Field by the Numbers

Peter Blach, organizer of TX2K, has announced that the roll race list for TX2K15 is now full. This closes entry to the newest component of the popular TX2K competition (the other mai... >>>Read More

Racing Sim Videos Get Awesome

Simulations are designed to put you, the driver/pilot/sharpshooter/etc, in the middle of a virtual world to hone your skills and master real challenges. Depending on the simulation,... >>>Read More

1320 Video: TX2K14 Dyno Day

TX2K’s quarter mile and more recently, roll race events, often capture the community’s full focus come March. But that’s not all there is to one of the biggest annu... >>>Read More

Video: Development of the HKS TF x Varis Kamikaze-R

The HKS Technical Factory x Varis Kamikaze-R is a GT-R whose look we'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming months. Multiple projects are currently underway that are based arou... >>>Read More

SpeedHunters Visits Nissan's DNA Garage

You've seen it before, but this time take a look at it through Dino Dalle Carbonare's eyes: Nissan's DNA Garage, their Heritage Collection. It's Nissan's premier... >>>Read More

ALPHA Performance Announces Custom B.R.M Watch

AMS / ALPHA Performance has announced a new custom B.R.M Watch that will be offered to ALPHA Owners. The watch utilizes ETA 7753 movement and features a window calendar and chronogra... >>>Read More

GT-R NISMO Walk Around Videos

Eager for an up close look at the US specification GT-R NISMO? MC, recipient of the first GT-R NISMO to hit the states, has put together some short videos to give a virtual tour of t... >>>Read More