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Switzer Goliath Sets Standing Mile Top Speed Record

At the Russian Unlim 500+ Training Day, a Switzer Goliath GT-R set a new top speed world record- trapping 402.23 kmh (249.9 mph) in the standing mile. Elapsed time was 22.602 seconds. Impressively, the Goliath was a customer driven GT-R running a Switzer 3.8L motor with factory standard gear ratios. See below for the video, time slip and dyno sheet.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Video thread: http://www.gtrlife.c...ding-mile-pass/
Dragtimes: http://www.dragtimes...n/blogs/view/67
Switzer: http://switzerperfor.../web_en/?p=3211


that's just a hair under 250mph!!!

This is amazing. Almost 250 mph.
Congratulations Switzer.....

These R35 platforms are crazy.....

that's just a hair under 250mph!!!

woahh, mega congrats to switzer
Congrats, big big power
Is that the record for trap speed, ET, or both?
Many of us SPI fans have been waiting for news like this! Big congrats guys! 3.8 too, huh?
wow! Congrats to Switzer and the driver :clap:

Is that the record for trap speed, ET, or both?

its a trap speed record, the AMS alpha 12 has been quicker.
249.94 mph! :o Wow, congrats! :thumbsup:
Great job, guys! Been expecting this (and more)! Here's the Dragtimes FB announcement. "Fastest GT-R in the world".

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damn that is nuts. congrats to all involved.

Goliath putting in work.
is this thing revving to like 9500? wow. it is moving.
Stock gears? Congrats SPI that is effin flying!!!!

its a trap speed record, the AMS alpha 12 has been quicker.

What is the ET record?
has a gtr gone faster period??

has a gtr gone faster period??

N0 - and I am interested ot know how they broke the "238 MPH barrier" due to gearing limitations. RPM has been suggested and that would make sense...
That's outstanding
More info that I just received:

-Car is running standard gear ratios. No taller gearing.
-This is a customer owned and driven Goliath (no shop ringer here), on 20" R888s. Race gas only, no ethanol.
-Full interior other than race seats and seat belts.
-Switzer had to use Syvecs to tune very specifically around the clutches because they were slipping during gear changes due to being overpowered. Based on the data they acquired from the runs, if the clutches would have held properly, this car would've also broken the GT-R and Lambo E.T. records.
-This car's same 3.8 engine has now completed 4 Moscow Unlimiteds, including the (6) 245+ mph runs it made today, and is still running strong.
-Goliath #2 is almost done and will be tested and delivered to the customer very soon.
Probably using the Top Secret 0.709 6th gear :thumbsup:

Probably using the Top Secret 0.709 6th gear :thumbsup:

Stock gear ratios, Steve.
Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment. Scott what is the 2nd and 3rd fastest mph at this event?

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Stock gear ratios, Steve.

Didn't see your post before mine, lol. Wow, on 28" tires that's hitting 8900rpms through the traps. :o
Where is the video!?!?!