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Introducing Premier Vendor Speed For Sale

GT-R Life has a large, dedicated and passionate vendor community that's dedicated to the GT-R. While all GT-R Life vendors are required to meet our standards with regards to conduct, ethics, business practices, and quality of product, there are some who not only meet these standards but strive to exceed them. There are some vendors who are fully committed to this community, and not only in North America, but in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, and worldwide. They are not only top tier in scope and operation, but simply top tier in all aspects. Today I'm proud to announce our first such vendor, our first International Premier vendor, Speed For Sale.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Speed For Sale has been very active in the R35 GT-R market since the R35 first hit North America in 2008. This is a major commitment for a company that limits its focus to only a few platforms. While I first noticed their clear dedication when they publicly showed the disassembly of the GR6 back in 2008 - among the very first tuning shops in the world to have done so - their commitments have increased substantially over time. Today, they have grown to become a dedicated center for GT-R service and support, providing extensive local support for all products, services and tuning. They also provide international support via a dedicated international mail order operation with over 1,500 GT-R specific items - among the largest selection of R35 specific parts in the world. At their Atlanta location, they are Dodson Certified on the GT-R's transmission with a good stock of the most popular Dodson GR6 upgrades. On the retail side, their offerings for GT-R owners everywhere in the world are very extensive, with hundreds of brands including Cobb (PRO Tuner), RacingBrake, GReddy, Mine's, HKS Kansai, Carbotech, Albins, ID, JUN, and many more. They provide great value in shipping as well, particularly internationally, with rates nearing 50% off retail with both FedEX and DHL. Speed For Sale's staff reads, writes, and speaks Japanese and therefore has a great relationship with Japanese manufacturers who do not have USA based operations. This is Speed For Sale as an operation and this is the experience and commitment that they're bringing to GT-R Life and the international GT-R Community.

Speed For Sale is dedicated to the future of the GT-R, and supporting the future of the GT-R industry. This is a company that's committed to the new NAGTROC Certified Membership Program and doing some incredibly special things for Certified North American GT-R Owners, including offering a private line for tech support for no cost, no commitments involved. This is a company that's incredibly passionate about what they do, and incredibly passionate about supporting GT-R owners in the farthest reaches of the world with a large selection of items and great shipping. This is a company that I'm incredibly proud to welcome into GT-R Life as a Premier Vendor, a program that vendors must qualify for and can not simply purchase their way into. This is a company that I look forward to working with to meet the needs of the international GT-R community, and for as long as they continue here, I look forward to building this relationship and continuing to expose them and all of the great things that they do.


Congrats Speed for Sale :clap:
Hello everyone,

We are proud to work closely with GTRlife, NAGTROC, MEGTROC, and SGGTROC to provide R35 GT-R owners world wide with technical support, parts sales, and service/builds/tuning! We have a couple of Certified GT-R Owner perks which Davin will release soon, so stay tuned. In the mean time, please contact me or any of my coworkers ([email protected], [email protected], etc) here on the forums with any questions. Thanks!
Good stuff. Good to meet you at PRI Jeremy!
Speed for sale ROCKS ! Picked up all my fluids recently from there. Excellent service and quick shipping !
Keep up the great work guys at Speed for Sale!
S4S is on my bookmark toolbar

You guys have always helped when i called and i would be lost without your DIY PDF's you guys rock!!!

S4s ftw!
S4S, you guys are awesome! Only ones to have worked on my car. Congrats and keep up the good work!
SFS is superb! Glad to see they're here finally!
Congrats! :)
congrats guys :clap:
These guys are great. They've provided excellent service the numerous times I've worked with them!
I purchased an SFS midpipe a month or so ago. These guys are great to deal with, and their products are top-notch. :thumbsup:

Nice! I had upgraded rotors/pads, new midpipe, Dodson trans fluid and parts done there. All of the guys are very helpful, even after the sale is complete! I highly recommend SFS
Congrats !
Hi guys, thanks for the kind words. We work hard to support our 1000+ R35 GT-R clients around the world, and appreciate your patronage. We also support and sell products from each of the manufacturers who posted up here, including Injector Dynamics, AAM Competition, ETS Turbo Systems, and ECUtek, and appreciate you guys' support!

Jeremy and crew are great to do business with!
Talk these guys at least once a week, GOOD PEOPLE!!
I've placed many, many orders with SFS and Jeremy and every time is was no problem. One time the wrong Willall fluid came in and he had it shipped next day AM delivery to the shop where I was doing the fluid change and it arrived in plenty of time. Otherwise no problems at all! Great service, selection a prices.
S4S are a great bunch. Jeremy is a straight talker, no annoying sales pitcher...a real no BS attitude. Jared is a very capable tech and a real pleasure to talk to. He's been to Trinidad 3 times to work on GTRs
Good to hear. Jeremy was heavily involved in the Supra community back in the day.
The badass wing on my car was installed by them!