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8 seconds in the Middle East: New ME 1/4mi Record

In the MEGTROC Forum, GT-R Life vendor MC Performance has posted an updated fastest time in the Middle East as 8 seconds has been achieved. From MC Performance:

MC Performance is proud to bring to you the latest news.

EK Racing GTR R35 Midle East Record.

60ft: 1.52

1/4 Mile: 8.96

Speed: 264 Km/h


Congrats guys, well deserved! Lots of record breaking this year, keep up the great work as always!

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mashallah wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Awesome job guys!!! what are the specs of this build?

Congrats guys!
Now i have to change my signature cause my bro just broke the record .. Not only tht its the first GTR in the middle east to run 8'ssss!!!!! Congrats Ebrahim and the crew, not to forget MC Performance and the Master Husam Tayeb
Middle East in the house, congrats on getting in the 8's...that's awesome
Congrats EK and crew, well deserved!

Congrats gentlemen! nice run
Is this the Alpha 12 kit?

NIce! :thumbsup:
Awesome job!!

Car look to launch very smooth...Syvecs or on Cobb?
Congrats guys!
congrats...Nice launch!
Jan 28 2013 07:04 PM
congrats!!!!! it sounds NICE!!!
same as before or different build?
Front page, congrats!
congrats to the brothers in ME that's flyin!
awesome bro!

60ft? LC?

what setup?

congrats on the quickest R35 in ME!!
Congrats E.Kanoo for New ME record, keep goin dude
I would like to thank you all in behalf of EK Racing and MC Performance.

Car is still runing on Cobb tuned by MC Performance. LC Is custom tailored by MC Performance and It took alot of effort and many trials to get to this perfect Launch. But now launchs are consistent without braking stuff and making good 60ft.
Mabroook. mashalah its a rocket thu smooth.
mabrook EK

mashallah that is moving

Numbers are going down week after week in the ME