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GTRLIFE Mourns the Loss of Doug Ross

It is with a heavy heart we post that Doug Ross of Weapons Grade Performance has passed away in a car accident.   Doug has been a vendor here for many many years. His for sale ads will forever be known as the most creative ads we ha... >>>Read More   


First North American "R's Day" Coming to Lagu...

The first North American R's gathering will be held saturday Nov 26th. It is a celebration of all things legacy Skylines and GTRs. Join a historic moment with the nostalgic Japanese supercar icon like a flashback... >>>Read More

TSM | ETS 30R Pump Gas Monster! 971HP on 93

Hey guys,We are super busy over here trying to get ready for TX2K but I wanted to fill you in on a project we just finished. After talking back and forth with this customer for over a year he decided it was time fo... >>>Read More


"Deni' 1000WHP+ GT-R Build up thread'

Hello Guys My Name is Deni, and this is my 1000whp+ project build Engine Spec: -3.8 Manley and Rod set (9.2.1) -HTA 3076R Turbo kit from Boost logic -with ceramic coating all the way. -Intake Manifold from... >>>Read More

SVTLOL's Build Thread

Dropped the car off at Boost Logic last week for the first round of mods . My goal for the car is to end up around 800whp . But being a Military man it will take me awhile to get there. Here are the mods being install... >>>Read More


MadeInSweden's Blue GT-R BE

Thought I would share what I am up to with my car. I will add pictures and new upgrades when they happen. Feel free to comment :) MY: EU 2011 BE Performance mods: None Gear box: Likely stage 1(circlips + ?), magnets... >>>Read More

Enshiu's 580whp Upgrade

Hi all, I am doing my small project on my car Status till now 01.03.2008 First registration in Japan 01.12.2008 Import UK by JAPPerformance using an ESVA test. 05.12.2008 Car on name first owner 21.03.2011 Car boug... >>>Read More


JJ's 914whp ALPHA 9 GT-R, the most powerful ALPHA 9 t...

A long time ago NAGTROC member RENNtech (JJ) approached us with a dyno appointment. Sadly the day of his appointment we lost power and failed to contact JJ in time to let him know not to make the long drive out here.... >>>Read More

1100+ WHP Self Built and Tuned

I started a build for a high horsepower car back in July. I contacted many companies speaking to them about having a reinforced block built, turbo kit, and fuel system. I couldn't help but remember that Tony at T1... >>>Read More