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1100+ WHP Self Built and Tuned

I started a build for a high horsepower car back in July. I contacted many companies speaking to them about having a reinforced block built, turbo kit, and fuel system. I couldn't help but remember that Tony at T1 helped me without any of my business. I decided that if Tony helped me so much without my business, what would he do if he did have my business... My decision was made. I am extremely happy with the service I received from Tony and everyone at T1. I pulled my engine and shipped it to him and after he received it, he continually kept me up to date along with sending me pictures. By far, the best experience I ever had in building a car and dealing with a company! I can't thank you enough Tony. You and everyone at T1has treated me like a friend instead of a customer!!!

The mods are:
T1 4.0 Liter Reinforced Block with upgraded heads and cams
ETS Turbo Kit HTA3586s sold by T1
T1 Triple In-tank Fuel Pump System along with FPR kit.
T1 diff brace
DSS Rear axles
Supporting mods for this power that don't need to be mentioned.

A year before John Shepherd built me basically a 3.5 stage transmission. It was a stage 3 with promax clutches. It only has a 1st gear ppg. I would also like to thank him for the best customer service and help he provided me. He built me a DSM transmission many years ago and was excited to have him build this transmission.

The car made 1129 whp and 950 torque on a AWD mustang dyno with it SPINNING LIKE CRAZY and tuned by me. Two weekends ago I ran at a 1/8 mile track here in Chattanooga, TN with a time of 6.19 at 126mph. This was only my third pass with this setup and had to leave for work. This car screams and I am still trying to get use to it. This past weekend Billy_06EVOIV and I went to Steele, AL which is a 1/4 mile track. My third pass was 9.3 at 155mph (1/8 mile mph was 130), but I didn't know the track and my buddy told me from the videos I let out and hit the brake before the 1/4 mile marker, hahahaha. I felt like a newb, but at that mph and trying to hold the car in the road, it is difficult to tell what is going on. The fourth pass, I added boost to 1st and 2nd gear because I was running on low trying to get traction and the car was bogging. This is when the axle stub snapped that goes into the diff. Thank you Billy for the haul home!!!! It damaged the diff housing and the DSS axle when it let go. I am in the process of removing the transmission to get it back to John which he will add 2-6 gears also. Then will get it back in and definitely go for some faster times Hopefully.

Here is a list of people that I would like to thank!!!
Justin Baier - assisted me in installing
Byron Poe - assisted me in installing
Mike Tracey - hauling my car back and forth to Porsche (Dad works there and got to use the lift)
Tony at T1 - for putting up with me and selling me everything along with taking the time and never getting frustrated with answering my questions!!!!!!!!
John Shepherd - building my transmission and putting up with me!!!!!!
George Aslinger (Owner of Custom Concept Motorsports in Chattanooga, TN) - the time on the AWD mustang dyno and helping me with the troubleshooting with the small problems I had while dialing everything in.

Other friends that supported me and kept me motivated me... Mitch Bryant and his brother Mark, and Alan.

The graph shows the boost falling off and the torque falling because of the boost. The boost was not falling because of the turbos. I accidentally forgot that I had my max boost limit at 38 pounds in the software. It now holds 40 consistently and can/will go higher!!!! The dyno video shows it running rich (I am aware, this was the best video though), it has been leaned out some and when Cobb releases the injector angle maps for ATR, it will be better!

Videos and Dyno sheet will be added later today.

View attachment: gtr1129hp.jpg
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