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SVTLOL's Build Thread

Dropped the car off at Boost Logic last week for the first round of mods . My goal for the car is to end up around 800whp . But being a Military man it will take me awhile to get there. Here are the mods being installed as we speak. Boost logic 3inch intakes, intercooler hard piping, intercooler , tial bov, non catted down pipes , Cob , injector dynamics 2000cc injectors, and last but not least the boost logic stage 2 trans.
View attachment: 558080_589857991043646_2136742204_n.jpg
View attachment: 555968_590467214316057_738475296_n.jpg
View attachment: IMG_9457.jpgView attachment: IMG_5341.jpg
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View attachment: IMG_4946.jpgView attachment: IMG_7458.jpg

Ill add new photos as i get them.
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Should be all worth it when done! Btw, thank you for what you do to our country :)
I hope so . No problemo.
Sounds like fun. 2000cc injectors with the stock turbos? Are you going to run the FTW fuel too?
A buddy of mine has a black GTR at boost logic also :)

Which base are you at?
Another military guy here building his GT-R. Good luck man!
Going to run e85 with three fuel pumps as well this is all so I won't have to re mod down the road when I do turbos and built motor .
I'm at carswell in Fort Worth
Thanks HitMan
That guys at BL are awesome!!! You will be treated right!

Looking forward to the results
They are a great group of guys . I'm stoked to say the least.
Good luck with you build
I'm sure you in good hands with BL
Thank you
Looks like an awesome build! Love the matte black, thanks for serving our country!
Thank you it's a wrap over gloss black paint
Attached Image: IMG_0828.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2858.jpg Attached Image: IMG_7298.jpg Attached Image: IMG_8301.jpg

Just got these she is just about done.
Congrats on the build! :)
Thank You.
Let me take off my envy-glasses cause I can't see the pics properly...

Lol thanks man
Good call addressing the trans with your build! Car looks great! Will you be making it out to TX2K?
Yes sir I booked my room yesterday . I thought long and hard about doing the turbos first because I want the power but decided I would rather do the trans first so I won't have any issues down the road.
The car made 638whp and I will be picking it up tomorrow that's a safe tune. ill be driving back to Fort Worth tomorrow so i will get some much needed seat time. Excited for sure
Just got home with the car and it is amazing . Drove the car back to Fort Worth from Austin without any issues or check engine lights. Can't speak highly enough about Zohair and his crew great bunch of guys for sure. Zohair took the time to map out E85 gas for my way home just incase I was having to much fun on the road which I was thanks a lot man looking forward to our next build.
Glad we could get the car knocked out for TX2K and I am looking forward to seeing you drag race out there. I can't wait to get your car boosted up to a 1100 package:)
Looking forward to it for sure
glad u enjoy it..u was in good hand..hope to c u at tx2k n c what it do