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Announcement: GT-R For Sale Forum Rules

Posted by Davin

  • Location:VI

GT-R Life is focused first and foremost on the GT-R ownership experience and we wish to maintain a high quality environment.


Therefore we have instituted a series of rules & criteria that must be met in order to offer a GT-R for sale on our forums


*All threads and posts regarding GT-Rs for sale on this owners club are explicitly subject to Admin and Mod approval*


Sellers - For the listing to be approved, the following requirements MUST be met:
*The listed car must be a GT-R
*Pictures of the GT-R must be provided
*At least one photo must be provided that shows your username along with the current date, handwritten on something with either the GT-R key(s) or part of the GT-R in the picture.
*Asking price must be included (GT-Rs can NOT be listed over MSRP) along with what methods of payment you will accept
*VIN must be included
*Location and price must be included in the topic title
*No Ebay links or links to 3rd party website for sale ads are permitted


*Be respectful
*You may ask value-added questions regarding the item being sold or the seller himself/herself; You may also vouch for the seller if you either personally know him/her or have prior experience. No bumping.
*No negative feedback on price unless BOTH 1 the seller stated something specific that leads you to believe he/she is is open to understanding why there may not be any interest AND 2 you can provide evidence to support your view, based on prior trasaction prices. Regardless you must be respectful.
*Any negative/worthless comments will be deleted
*Do not derail the thread on personal affairs
*Buyer Beware - NAGTROC and or GTRLIFE will not be held responsible for any deals gone bad
*Buyers beware - Ask for car fax if none can be provided by the seller, contact the Marketplace Mod and he will get info on the car your looking at.