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Brand new GT-R owner in Oshawa (Toronto) Canada

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Posted 10 May 2021 - 05:53 PM


Thanks Sellin!


A couple more thoughts about the car...


When I had it wrapped, they took the rear emblems off.  I still haven't put them back on, and I am getting WAY less people pulling up to me in traffic, etc. to comment on the car or gawk or whatever.  I'm keeping the emblems safely stored away, but I don't think I'll put them back on.....at least for now.


The driver's seat leather seems to be wearing pretty fast, in one spot particularly.  The spot is on the outside bolster, just about where my kidney is.  Obviously from sliding into and out of the car.....I didn't notice this when I bought the car, about 3000 kms ago, but it might have been there already, albeit not as bad.  Not sure. This car only has just over 25000 kms on it, so that seems to be way too quick for the leather to wear out.  I have Meguiars Gold Class leather cleaner / conditioner, and use it regularly, but for some reason have not noticed this wear before.  I'm now being more extra-careful when getting in or out, but I think I will start looking for a seat cover...I want one that doesn't slide around under hard cornering, but also easy to take off to clean and condition the leather underneath.


Fuel tank capacity....I like to know how far near empty I can go with my vehicles.  I drove until the MFD was flashing 3 stars, even during idle or slow highway cruising (in "SAVE" mode, too)...the display in the instrument cluster still read approx 58kms to E, though.  The "real" gas tank gauge in the cluster was just below the "E" (basically, the needle has JUST fully un-covered the "E" line).  At this point I filled up...only took 60.3 liters!  This is supposed to be a 73 or 74 liter tank, so I theoretically could have gone another 100 kms (I'm getting approx 11 liters / 100kms per tank (21 mpg) if I don't hammer on it AT ALL, which I have not been able to do yet and probably never will, for a full tank of gas, and approx 15 to 20 liters / 100kms with moderate hammering on it (15.5 to 12 mpg))....anyway, long and short is now I know I can comfortably go right to the E with no worries.


The configurable MFD...I find it strange that you can't put RPM's up on there.


I never drive in automatic mode...if I can't have a gear shift lever and a clutch (a foot-operated one, that is), the next best thing is to shift with the paddle shifters.  I've now gone a whole 2 weeks without hitting the wrong paddle!!! :clap:


Love the car!  but...needs....more....boost.....



2014 Black Edition Super Silver - bone stock  -  22400 kms Feb 16 2021

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