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20x10 FRONT and 20x11 REAR - tire options

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Posted 20 February 2021 - 03:59 AM

Hi, i just got Advan GT 20x10 fronts and 20x11 rears, my wheels are currently stock CBA wheels on 255/40 fronts and 285/35 rears - Bridgestone Potenza runflats RE070R.

I'm thinking of putting the rears 285/35 on the advan gt 10''fronts and getting new 335/30 on the 11''rears.
Diameter difference with this setup is 0'', so should be perfect, but.

Is it a big deal if i run the Potenza 285/35 runflats upfront and non runflat Pirelli P ZERO in the back?

I'm asking because the current tires got only few thousand miles on them and i don't race the car, don't go track, it's my weekend joy.

Also, isn't 335/30 too much on 11''wheel? Anything else would mess the diameter...

Thank you.

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Posted 20 February 2021 - 02:26 PM



Thanks for your post. 


First, are you on OEM suspension? Do you have plans to lower the suspension? If you are keeping OEM suspension then you have more clearance for wider than OEM wheels and tire sizes that will fit.


Next, runflat tires should not be mixed with non runflat tires and don't come in sizes larger than 285/35-20 for the GTR. If you need runflats for safety reasons (not fixing a flat in bad weather or in traffic) then keep your old rear tires for the rear and put new 285/35-20 runflats on the front wheels. Front tires do most of the turning, braking and some of the acceleration so they wear much faster than the rears, you want the newest tires in front.


335/30-20 fits wheels 11.5-12.5" and are perfect for 12" wide rims. Where did you get this tire size? Based only on tire diameter of 28"? It would be OK with 20x12" wheel but not for 20x11".


285/35-20 fits wheels 9.5-11" and are perfect for 10" wide rims so they will fit 20x10" and 20x11" OK and will work for street use.


If your GTR is only street use and you want low noise and more comfort then Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Max Summer tires are popular.


For Pilot Sport 4S  300 treadwear  XL load rated gives stiffer sidewall construction and slightly more responsive handling over Standard load rated tire models, XL is preferred for GTR

Front  275/35-20 $335 each, fits wheels 9-11" and are perfect for 9.5" wide rims, XL load rated, tire diam. 27.6"

Rear   315/30-20 $416 each, fits wheels 10.5-11.5" and are perfect for 11" wide rims, XL load rated, tire diam. 27.5"



Front (285/35/20) or 295/35-20 $396 each, fits wheels 10-11.5" and are perfect for 10.5" wide rims, XL load rated, tire diam. 28.1"

Rear  305/35-20 $384 each on backorder at tirerack.com, fit wheels 10-12" and are perfect for 11" wide rims, Standard Load rated, tire diam. 28.4" (larger than OEM but OK with OEM suspension)



Front and rear 295/35-20 $396 each, fits wheels 10-11.5" and are perfect for 10.5" wide rims, XL load rated, tire diam. 28.1"


Pirelli P Zero (PZ4)

Front 285/35-20 ($314 each, XL) or 295/35-20 ($318 each, XL)

Rear 305/35-20 $368 each, limited stock, fits wheels 10-12" and are perfect for 11" wide rims, XL load rated, tire diam. 28"



Front and rear 305/35-20 $368 each, limited stock, fits wheels 10-12" and are perfect for 11" wide rims, XL load rated, tire diam. 28"



Comparing Pilot Sport 4S with Pirelli P Zero (PZ4)


P Zero is a good tire, not quite as friendly for daily driving, not quite as good dry grip and handling but very good in wet.

Pirelli may be more available in your area.


In general for tire sizes, you want a perfect fit if you can get it and match tire diameter of front and rear tires as close as possible. If a tire size can fit both front and rear wheel widths then it is possible to mount them square, the narrow or wider rim will allow the tire to fit more or less and work OK. Small changes in tire diameter by 1/2" from OEM is OK with OEM suspension. Slightly wider tire on the front wheel is OK as long as it is within the fitment range such as 295/35-20. The downside is the tire is wider, heavier, and some owners say that steering feels slower, that's why XL load rated stiffer sidewalls help reduce flex and may improve handling. Cost is also a factor as any wider tire sizes tend to cost more (and weigh more).


For street use the less expensive route for tire options tends to be popular and you can expect to get maybe 8000 to 11000 miles from the front tires, 15000 from the rears if you are careful.


The reason why you don't mix runflats with non runflats is they are totally different tire constructions and handle differently. You want the car as predictable and controllable as possible when driven hard.


OEM runflats allow for safety but aren't the best for ride comfort, wear, handling or performance plus they are heavy and expensive.

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