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Aeromotions Active Race Wings

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 06:56 PM

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Aeromotions R2 and S2 Race Wings

For most members on here Aeromotions requires no introduction. They are that company who has has made a leap in reinventing the racing wings for the top of the range race cars. The wing actively changes angles in order to create the ideal airflow and provide maximum downforce at high speeds. As one of the select authorized dealers for Aeromotions we are offering this unique product to NAGTROC members. Send me a PM if you are interested in Aeromotions Active Race Wings.

Get the Aeromotions Edge. Wind tunnel designed and race-proven, AeroMotions wings get you around the track faster. The heart of every wing is our signature high-downforce, low-drag wing blade. Borrowed from a military UAV, this is the most advanced airfoil available for your car. They’ve been used to break track records around the world.

Every Dynamic Wing™ is computer controlled, adjusting the wing angle to deliver the right downforce for each section of the track. This plug and play package provides ample downforce when cornering, more downforce under braking, and less drag on the straightaways.
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These plug and play wings take the guesswork out of your aero package. Using Patent Pending technology, the ADAPT controller monitors acceleration, braking, speed and lateral G’s to provide the right downforce for every section of the track.

The R2 Dynamic Wing™ is for Track, Time Attack, and Drifting. It’s available as a complete Dynamic Wing™ package, or for half the price, as a record-setting static wing that can be upgraded to a Dynamic Wing™ down the road.
The S2 Dynamic Wing™ is for super cars, and teams that need the best. Internal actuators, titanium hardware, and extreme heat sinking tailor the S2 for mid and rear-engine super cars. With the split wing blade, full track-side tuning, and weighing 40% less than the R2, the S2 is the best Dynamic Wing™ available.

R2 Static: $1,699 MSRP
R2 Upgrade (Static to Active): $2,150 MSRP
R2 Active: $3,650 MSRP

R2 Static: $1,699 MSRP


The Dynamic Wing™ was born in a wind tunnel at MIT. Countless hours of refinement – through Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling – led to its signature high downforce, low drag design. While we were working on the 180mph S varient, Budez commissioned us to build the ultimate super car wing, the 200+ mph S2. Tailor made for the GT-R, the wing design was optimized through full car CFD analysis.

Running on the highly modified GT-R, the Dynamic Wing S2 was tested in static and active modes. Turning the wing active shaved an average of 1.29 seconds off the two minute. The static aeromtions wing itself is worth one second off a two minute lap.

Designed to be the best, every component on the S2 was selected to minimize weight and drag. The package starts with our record setting high-down force, low-drag wing blade. Made from high-modulus carbon fiber pre-preg, it’s what you’ll find in a Formula 1 car. The uprights are teardrop shaped to slice through the air. Extensive use of titanium keeps the wight down. Every nut and bolt is tucked away, recessed, and flush mounted to reduce drag. Even the mounting feet are teardrop shaped pre-preg carbon fiber.

Hypnotic to watch, the split wing was pioneered by Nissan on the famous R381. Winning the 1968 Japanese Grand Prix, this innovative weight transfer mechanism quickly proved its value. As your car turns, the wing splits to provide more downforce on the inside wheel.

While the S2’s come with a plug and play tune, the controller gives you full access to modify the tune. Push button adjustments let you pit in, make changes in seconds, and get back on the track. Complete control of your aero made easy.

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In pre-release testing, we let an R2 loose in the Tire Rack’s One Lap of America. Installed the day of the first event, and running the plug and play tune, our newest wing broke a 5-year-old wet skid pad record – .953G on street tires. Since then, R2’s have been claiming track records around the world. What will the R2 do for your car?

For half the price of a Dynamic Wing, start with the record-setting static R2. With its signature high downforce, low drag design, the static R2 has been helping teams clinch track records. Down the road, you can add the Dynamic Upgrade Module to reduce lap times, and gain in-cabin tuning with the optional remote.

What’s an active upgrade worth? One second off a two minute lap. Aeromotions was at the final Redline Time Attack event of 2009, Auto Club Speedway. On the day of the race, in between runs, we upgraded the Forged Performance GT-R from static to active. As usual, the next timed lap was one second faster. This is why top teams like COBB, AMS, Ryan Gates, Crawford Performance, Forged Performance, Fontana Nissan and others are upgrading to Aeromotions wings.

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