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In Topic: Worst Drivers?

02 April 2021 - 01:30 PM

They really are annoying out here in LA...bums me out, because I really do respect the looks / performance of those cars.


Lately, I'm getting more annoying attention from guys in clapped out pickups with loud exhausts who like to downshift then slowly 'speed' away.  Facepalm.

I live in Florida and to me it's mostly guys in VERY large pickup trucks. And some used to outfit them with a device that would emit thick black spoke out the tailpipe on demand. Had a guy do that to me once for no apparent reason, other than he saw me in his rear view and wanted to, "teach me a lesson".

In Topic: Best Car Japan Render and "Mild Hybrid" Rumor

02 April 2021 - 01:11 PM

Doubt it the base model C8 is tipping 110k. The whole $59,995 is bogus on an ordered car. My buddy ordered a $120k+ convertible. I was like dude it’s a base vette - like wtf.

I have an allocation for a C8 this month, which will be a Coupe, 3LT, Mag Ride, Front Lift, Performance Exhaust, Rapid Blue, CF removable roof panel, CF interior bits and some exterior, MPS All Season 4's, and a few other options checked. My MSRP is $87K. I'm still seeing some used 3LT's selling for over $100K. Crazy, but it's whatever the market will bear. I've been on a waiting list since February last year. The demand is still there and will probably continue into the 22 and possibly 23 MY's. Eventually the other trim levels (Z06, E-Vette, ZR1, and Zora) will roll out over the next few years. But demand is still very, very strong. And that's why we're seeing the crazy markups. Some people don't want to wait a year or two and have the money to buck the line.

In Topic: New GTR owner in Maryland/DC/Virginia

02 April 2021 - 12:52 PM

Welcome! I'm no longer in Maryland, as my family and I moved to Florida a few years ago. Moved from AA County, approximately five miles south of Upper Marlboro. But I grew up in PG County. I previously owned two GT-R's, an '09 brand new, and a '14 slightly used. Great cars! Where are you in Maryland?

In Topic: Nissan Officially Teases new Z (Discussion thread)

21 February 2021 - 12:58 PM

This is why there will not be a GTR in the near future.............Z-400 with 500 HP and 3500 weight and sub 50k price.........

Like a lot of members, I've previously owned a couple of GT-R's and though I've moved on to other cars, I've been holding out hope for that R36 to come along. To your point about the 400Z being sub-$50K price, I can see a bare bones model, but once you start adding in options, it can approach the $60K range, perhaps higher than that. Still more affordable than a GT-R. My first one was a brand new '09, and it was almost $71K. Nissan has made some very good incremental improvements each year with the R35, and the refresh in 2017. But unfortunately it is now a car that stickers for $110K-$115K new. Hard to say what Nissan would list it for as an R36. I wish them well...and I'll keep looking over my shoulder!

In Topic: Best Car Japan Render and "Mild Hybrid" Rumor

21 February 2021 - 12:23 PM

My C8 coupe allocation should have me at a May or June delivery. Even with price increases for the '21 MY, you can still buy a C8 in the $70K range. Mine will be closer to $85, but that's because I went 3LT interior, Mag Ride, Front Lift, Performance Exhaust, and some CF interior and exterior options. Pretty loaded, but no where near $100K or over. Those are dealer markups and private buyers that have been flipping their C8's.