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GTR Over stock items- PM for best deal!

09 October 2019 - 12:59 PM

Hi Everyone,

We are listing some GTR parts that are overstocked and looking to liquidate. If your interested in anything PM me and we can see what deal we can work out.
All these parts are brand new.

TMS GTR-TUR-101 Full Blown Nissan GTR GTX3071 Upgrade R35

AAM AAMCGTRF-SLINE- GT-R S-Line Fuel System (Fuel Line Adapter Kit, 1:1 Adj. Regulator, and 400Lph Fuel Pump Assembly Up

KEL KVS38-BT Nissan VR38 [R35 GT-R] - Beehive Spring Kit w/Retainers

KEL 231-C Nissan GTR R35 stage 3 cams

KEL 231-D Nissan GTR R35 drag racing camshafts 284/290 deg, 10.9/10.9mm

T1R GT1R FLK KIT GT1R Fuel Line Kit With V2 Fuel Rails, 8AN

TMS GTR-PST-10 GTR R35 VR38 Ultimate Pistons in stock Bore 10:0:1

TMS GTR-PST-02 GTR R35 VR38 Ultimate Pistons in stock Bore 9.0:1

TMS GTR-ENG-413 Titan GTR Girdle 9/5/2017

TMS GTR-PST-06 R35 GTR 98mm bore, 9:1 cr, upgraded pins, skirt coating, gas porting, and offset pin


TMS GTR-INT-102 Full GTR Audio Kit

TMS GTR-INT-100 GTR Seat bracket Driver side (left)

TMS GTR-INT-101 GTR Seat Bracket Passenger Side (Right)

RBC GTR-01 GTR 5MM Front Caliper Spacer Set 08-11

NIS 22401-JF01D GTR OEM Spark Plug

TMS ACC-SKB-TCG 0 Titan Skateboard Titan Copper GTR

NIS 999PP-SDGAG GTR black touch up paint

NIS 14064-31U0C Stud in Head for GTR