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In Topic: Is a 2017 GTR in the $70's Obtainable?

15 February 2021 - 03:39 PM

+- take advantage of these interest rates. I was telling my kids the other day how mortgage rates were 16%+ when I was a kid


And then you grew up... :lmfao:


I had savings bond paying 14.5% when I was kid.  :)


I got just under 2% on the amount I financed.  First time I financed a toy in 20 years....under 2% is bonkers

In Topic: Pre-Purchase Inspections in Chicago?

15 February 2021 - 03:16 PM

Why not take it to a Nissan that has a Certified GTR tech (flame suit on)....the emphasis on "Certified GTR Tech" you should be able to meet said individual.  They can hook it to the Consult diagnostic tool they can should be able to print you out or screen shot any reports of overheats, over pressures etc.  

In Topic: Cicio Performance GT-R World Cup RECAP!

01 February 2021 - 12:10 PM

What year 911?

In Topic: 2021 GT-R World Cup Live Feed

26 January 2021 - 07:35 PM

Great recap here; 


GTR World Cup 2021: MOST INSANE QUALIFYING EVER! Fires, burnouts, and 6 second passes - YouTube


big bang bang at 14:45

In Topic: 2018 Track edition FBO E85

26 January 2021 - 05:21 AM

@GTRDean 720 drag coefficient .41 R35 is .27 - it’s the fastest brick out there for a reason. @Ali should be able to get it done for that +/- for a budget 1000hp build, but might be light in the fueling and labor side of things. I think the C800 installed is under $20k installed.


Took me a while but I finally found a quote of the number your talking about;


2020 McLaren 720S Coupe (529.5 kW / 720 PS / 710 hp) (for Europe North America Asia worldwide) specs review (automobile-catalog.com)


I couldn't find anything about drag coefficient on Mclaren's site.  A few things I did find, the 720s has more than twice the aero efficiency than the 650s.  From watching few vids about the Aero on the 720s, I'm going to go out on a limb and say there is a lot of magical stuff going on to manage the ratio between downforce and drag that is hard to see just looking at a static drag coefficient number.  Lot of dependency on V^2 and M*a.   It defiantly doesn't hurt the car is super light, that may be the overwhelming factor. 


I'm betting someone might have done some rough math of the shape of the car and came up with that number not taking into account all the active aero that is going on.


I like to watch a lot of those half mile and mile race and it always seems like when you think the cars are evenly matched the Mclaren really gets the edge on the top end.


Why do I suddenly really want a Mclaren now... :dunno: