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In Topic: New Member Spokane, WA

23 February 2021 - 02:56 PM

Sure.  Keep me updated.  My place is in Bayview.

In Topic: OG members of the forum.

23 February 2021 - 07:18 AM

Since 2009.

In Topic: New Member Spokane, WA

22 February 2021 - 04:53 PM

Sadly Spokane County Raceway may not open back up.  Schedule is now cleared out on their website. 

Just emailed Craig to check, but it looks bad.  All the schedules are blank, and the FB page is not there any more.  Craig got back: "All events for 2021 are canceled."  I am only an hour away, now gonna have to drive a long way and do a few motel nights. Pacific Raceway and Oregon Raceway Park are the nearest, Canada/Area 27 not available with the border closed.  Pacific is so-so, Oregon is super.  The Ridge is also super, but a long way from me.  Let me know if you are going to a track this summer.  I will be out in early April, probably thru mid/late October.

In Topic: New Member Spokane, WA

21 February 2021 - 08:44 AM

Check out Spokane County Raceway road course.  I hope to be there April 17 with the Track Edition.

In Topic: Farm Bureau Insurance?

06 January 2021 - 08:00 AM

Been with them with many exotics over the years, Farm Bureau only looks at vehicle value, no upcharge for it being a Ferrari, GTR, etc.  Their rates are very competitive on upper end cars.  Last Ferrari was a 430 that I bought new ($229k) and rate was under $2k per year.  My Nismo is $1400/yr.  And I believe that they are one of the better ones when it comes to repairs and claims.