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Does anybody else think that ad criteria needs to be loosened up?

11 November 2020 - 08:20 AM

No other sites that I'm familiar with make it so difficult to post an ad.  I get the impression that this is to some degree a control issue rather than a functional one.  Anyone thinking along those lines?

Nismo & TE same front upright clearance?

01 August 2020 - 10:34 PM

Anyone know if the clearance on the front uprights are the same on the Nismo and the '14 Track Ed.?  I got an 11.5 +25 with Cup 2 325/20 with 13" section width to work on my Nismo.  Want to get a big tire under my TE and hopefully the clearance is the same, but I believe that there is some difference between Nismo and Premium in the front suspension, just don't know exactly what it is.


The Nismo front offset is +41, vs. Premium +45, so it may very well be that 4mm difference in clearance to the upright.

Anyone roll your front fenders 1", or close?

13 July 2020 - 07:21 PM

Have a 2014 Track Edition that I want to run bigger tires for track.  Best of my knowledge the 2014 has standard front fender width--wasn't changed to wider fenders (= Nismo) until later.  So unlike my Nismo that only needed about 3/8" roll to clear 325 Cup 2's, I would need to roll the TE about an inch.  Not sure if possible, or if it would present some serious issues.  Hopefully someone has been here before.