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In Topic: TH1 BNR32 out of PHX, AZ

Today, 02:12 PM

Welcome to GTRLife from a fellow Arizonian and card-carrying member of Nissan Addicts (not-so) Anonymous! Nice R32 and good to hear you've got it back in running condition after having to put it on hold for a while. I can certainly relate to that since mine took about 3 years to go from blown engine to almost fully restored lol.

In Topic: Review of T-Rex Pro 10-inch Android infotainment system

Today, 02:06 PM

Just found it here and it says it works for 2016 with their current model?


It says "For 2008-2016 GT-R only" so I'm assuming The Shop put that there to say that it can't be used for 2017 and later cars since they have a different setup and were anticipating the 2015-16 kit would soon be available but this is the latest from the T-Rex FB group posted on November 29 about the 2015-16 kit:


Last night officially got our kit installed in his 2015 with our recommended (and affordable) replacement amp!! It even fit under the seat like the stock one!!
Him and I will do some fine tuning with sound and review everything later today, but we are finally ready to start rolling out pro kits to 2015 and 2016 customers
For the self installers, we even can offer a plug and play cable from
Thank you so much for your patience here!!


I recommend signing up for the FB group if you're on Facebook to get updates: https://www.facebook...322990152018416

In Topic: Review of T-Rex Pro 10-inch Android infotainment system

Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Thanks a very thorough review :thumbsup:


Thanks! Glad you liked it!


Excellent as always. Nice work!


Regarding that top bezel fitment issue you mentioned. I wonder if using a few small washers or spacers with the top mounting hardware could be done, just to bring the top of the bezel out slightly.

Just a thought.


Thank you! From looking at the unit when my friend and I did the swap I don't think any spacers would help. The gap is small but when we shone a light through it we could see the tabs on the dash surround were lined up correctly with the unit and the bottom of the cowl was flush. The other tabs and the screws were all properly aligned so it just seems the bezel is just a few millimeters shorter than it should be to fit flush. I remember seeing somebody else mention the same issue with their unit so it seems like a basic but minor design flaw of the hardware.


I should probably have emphasized in regular driving the gap isn't really noticeable - it's only if you're looking for it or the light is shining straight onto the dash at just the right angle that it's really visible.


Great review. The only thing that makes me hesitant is not knowing the life span of the units. How long is the warranty through T-Rex and is it transferable? I'm hoping they fix the whining issue by adding a noise filter soon. Once that and the front camera issue are fixed, I'll probably grab one.


The warranty is only one year from T-Rex unfortunately but at least there is one - I doubt the Chinese sellers would have done anything if I'd gotten a bum unit from them like my first T-Rex. Definitely longevity is a concern. My OEM system was having issues so that's why I took the plunge. Fingers crossed this system lasts a good while.


Just signed up to be notified when a 2016 compatible one is available


On the Facebook group it says they should be ready soon. Apparently they already have it working and are just finishing testing on several volunteer customer cars to make sure they've found compatible amps before offering them for regular sales. My understanding is that for the 2016s you have to run an aftermarket amp, unlike the older cars.

In Topic: 10 inch aftermarket head unit

Yesterday, 09:05 AM

I had the T-Rex Pro kit installed in my R35 a couple of months ago and if anyone is interested in a comprehensive review video with info and tips on how it operates I posted it here:



Hope you find it helpful!

In Topic: Baron's R34 GT-R build thread - car in Japan for 5 years -_-

24 December 2020 - 05:58 PM


Indeed it was! If you keep postin', I'll keep readin'!


Just recently confirmed that Nengun has located a black Nismo cluster for me! :irock: I was sitting on ordering one, but as soon as I found out they were discontinued, I bought one through them while it was still possible. Looking at their website, it now says discontinued! I paid $600, but I'm sure now the prices will skyrocket. I asked someone on IG how much they wanted for theirs and they said $1200! I wonder what they'll be worth in the future.




Well, I hope you're also enjoying the new videos I'm putting up on the YouTube channel...even if it's just to laugh at some idiot messing around with his car lol.


I have a white Nismo cluster in my car right now but prefer the black one too myself. I was holding off on buying since I didn't want to throw off the odometer especially with the potential for NHTSA to check my mileage...may have to rethink the timing now and just keep it saved for future install lol.