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Review of T-Rex Pro 10-inch Android infotainment system

Yesterday, 09:09 AM

Hi guys! My R35 had a fault in the infotainment system so I decided to swap out for the T-Rex Pro 10-inch Android tablet-based system. It's got great features and overall I think it was well worth the money although there are a few niggles to be aware of so I made a comprehensive review video:



I posted more info that didn't make it in on my blog too:




Hope this helps anyone interested in this system!

My Midnight Purple 2 R34 Cinematic Video

12 December 2020 - 08:59 AM

Hi guys! So I've had my blog for years now and put out a couple of videos before just as a lark but didn't really think too much about doing more of the latter until I made my video about importing my MP2 R34 to the US. It's been a pleasant surprise to see how well that video has done with over 18 thousand views and nearly 900 likes since I first posted it a couple of months ago despite it containing over 20 minutes of me boring people to death going over the Show or Display law. Thanks to the positive reception from those viewers - especially the ones who were nice enough to subscribe - I decided to work harder to make good quality videos.


This video was my first attempt at a cinematic style car video and I know it'll look kind of amateurish but I'm very happy that it came together since it was a one weekend effort that I didn't think would even amount to anything acceptable to watch. The R34 video itself starts at 5:50 but I hope you'll bear with me as I talk about the blog and thank everyone for all their support over the years! Please enjoy!


Anyone in North Carolina or nearby willing to give a charity GT-R ride?

04 October 2020 - 05:17 PM

Hey guys, so someone shared this to the Midnight Purple 2 R34 owners group on FB:


Hey everyone. So as some of you may know I had a heart transplant last year. Well some things havent gone according to plan and well I'm having complications with my new heart. Its enlarging again like my original one. In may it was 5.1cm in diameter and it's at 6.1cm as of last Saturday. My dream car since the day I learned about them in NFS underground in 2003 and still is the legendary Skyline GT-R R34 and since then the GT-R (aka R35). I'll never be able to own one. I just dont have the health,time nor the means to ever afford one. I'm not 100% sure how much longer I have. Maybe 5+ years then again it could be months. Kind of in the blurry zone at the moment. I'm not asking for one to be given to me or to drive one. I just want to experience a cruise and/or the launch control(ofcourse lol) in my dream car before I go. You can inspect my personal page and see everything I'm stating is 100% factual. I wouldnt ask this of anyone if I wasn't truly worried about time. Im not picky at all. Any GT-R will work (Really just about the lineage of the GTR name for me honestly). If anyone would be willing to help me out with this I'd be eternally grateful and willing to pay you for the time. I ask politely to not barrage me with sympathy replys. Just kinda makes things worse. I definitely appreciate it but when you know thing like this is inevitable? It just kinda rubs salt in the wound. So to bring this to an end if anyone is willing to help me out with this please messege me. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this book of a post aswell as those who are willing to take the time to help make this dream of mine reality. Thank you once again. God bless all of you, Michael Wiley


Really feel bad for this guy and if he were in Arizona or nearby I'd give him a ride in all three of my GT-Rs including the R34 but he's way over on the other side of the country. One of the guys in the FB group has been in touch with him and he sounds like a sincere guy in a bad spot but unfortunately none of us in the group are really near him. He says he'll be very happy with any GT-R generation so are there any big-hearted guys here on this forum that live near him and could give the guy a ride?


I'm currently reaching out to the member who's in touch with him to get contact info.


Checking out RentJDM in Vegas where you can rent classic Skylines

20 September 2020 - 01:23 PM

Last week I had to take a trip to Vegas for work reasons but when I had some time to kill I decided to check out RentJDM near the Strip. In case you haven't heard of them they're a new business that offers rentals of a good selection of authentic JDM cars. Among the cars on offer are a Hakosuka Skyline, a Kenmeri, various R32s, a Midnight Purple R33, JDM versions of the NSX, Supra, and FD RX-7, various kei cars, and the headliner being a Motorex R34.


Unfortunately since they just opened only an R32 and a Suzuki Cappucino were available for rent. I had been hoping to try out the Hakosuka since I'd never driven one but it wasn't available. I did get a ride along in it though and their office itself is a very cool place to go to if you really dig JDM cars. It's set up like a mini museum showing off the various cars with Japanese-themed murals, a mini arcade, RentJDM merch, and vending machines with JDM snacks really adding to the atmosphere. It's like a little slice of Japan in the middle of Las Vegas. 


The rentals are pricey but it's a measly 10 bucks to go check out their office and geek out on all the cool cars and that fee is waived if you buy 25 bucks of merchandise. I ended up getting a nice Kenmeri shirt and a signed copy of Craig Lieberman's book on his work on The Fast and The Furious franchise. 


Here's a video if you're curious about the place plus some pics. I'll be posting more info when I have time on my blog at 23GT.net.









How not to buy a Skyline

23 July 2020 - 07:38 PM

Quick, somebody post that Michael Jackson chewing popcorn gif: