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In Topic: Stock Parts Needed To Pass CA Smog?

06 January 2021 - 10:32 PM

For those of you who just had smog done, did they seem to care about the midpipe? I just uninstalled my cobb and threw on my stock parts except for exhaust and was wondering if I should be ok. I still have stock DPs


As far as the visual inspection - it'll vary by station.  They may look for the obvious like aftermarket intake, check for cats, etc - while some stations are pretty lax about visual.


All stations will care about OBD2 test - so whatever aftermarket parts are left installed (midpipe, exhaust, DP, etc) - just make sure -  no CEL/MILs, I/M monitors ready and no P-DTCs (for 2010 and newer GTRs).

In Topic: Stock Parts Needed To Pass CA Smog?

05 January 2021 - 10:16 AM

2009 and older vehicles are exempt from P-DTCs.  Here's the link to CA BAR site pertaining to P-DTCs:  https://www.bar.ca.g...uble_Codes.aspx


7. Which model-year vehicles will include PDTCs as part of the Smog Check inspection?
The new criteria will apply to model-year 2010 and newer vehicles that support PDTCs.

In Topic: Stock Parts Needed To Pass CA Smog?

02 January 2021 - 12:14 PM

200 miles + 15 cold starts procedure is ONLY to address issues where ECU / OBD has triggered a Permanent DTC.  CA started monitoring P-DTCs couple years ago to deter anyone with a OBD2 scanner tool to temporarily clear any CEL/MILs right before taking the smog test.  This is completely separate from doing a drive cycle to trigger all the OBD2 monitors (02 sensor, Cat, Secondary Air, etc) to set ready.


During my last smog test - I had all OBD2 monitors set ready, showing no CELs, but I still failed the test - since I had a P-DTC stored in the ECU.  Only way to get around this was to log 200 miles + 15 cold starts without triggering a new CEL....this is a work around exception from CA BAR.  If the smog testing system sees a P-DTC, it will then verify through OBD2 port - miles driven + cold starts logged in ECU.


Bottom line - in order to currently pass CA smog - you have to 1)  verify all OBD2 monitors (except EVAP) are in ready state with no CEL/MILs  2)  No P-DTCs.


Unfortunately, Cobb AP does not support or show P-DTCs - so you'll need a separate scanner.

In Topic: Stock Parts Needed To Pass CA Smog?

15 December 2020 - 12:58 PM

Using Cobb AP, check your I/M readiness state.  If every monitor (with exception for EVAP) is in ready state and no MILs - than you should be good-to-go. 


Only thing Cobb AP doesn't report is Permanent DTC code - you'll need a mode 10 capable OBD scanner.  If P-DTC is triggered in ECU - you have to log 200 miles + 15 cold starts without triggering a new DTC to override and pass smog.


There were talks that CA would implement "OBD software" checks this year - basically to check for aftermarket ECU programmers (ie Cobb, Ecutek, etc) - but don't think this was implemented (yet).

In Topic: Track Day - AutoClub Speedway Fontana 12-6-20

02 December 2020 - 11:05 AM

Pretty sweet!....depending on your review, may have to jump on a set.