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Procom S3 Full Build

16 April 2019 - 01:37 PM

Getting my GTR back today after being down for some headwork and a bottom end refresh since January at Procom Racing. Thought I would just start a new thread since the car has changed so much over the years and the rest of the prior shop's parts/work are no longer in the car. Pardon the brief post but I am putting this together on my IPhone in a long Uber ride to pick up my car. Attached is the dyno plot I received yesterday. 600 wtrq by 3000 rpms and 1045 whp / 960 wtrq on a nice smooth powerband. Should be a very fun street car. This a full Procom built 3.8 engine plus Procom stage 2 heads with Procom S3 turbos. Transmission is a Shep 1k drag pack plus a Jacks ETS with DSS axles + Dodson FWD shaft + Procom billet front diff case . Fuel system consists of AMS dual brushless pumps, ID 1700 injectors, and AMS rails and regulator. Suspension mods include Litchfield suspension kit and handling kit. I have a forgestar winter tire wheel set, a Morr set of 20s in the 10-12 stagger wrapped in MPS4S 285/345 and a forgeline 18 x 12 inch drag pack wrapped in MT 18-345. Exhaust is Linney 2nd Gen Titan with the 90mm downpipes but with a custom Fabwork Catted Midpipe with a pair of GESI UHC cats. Tuning is now on Cobb after too many challenges with Ecutek over the past few years. Considering Motec next season. 6da8f2aaaef2b52d2c326749b5c368e9.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk