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GT28 vs FBO E85

20 May 2016 - 07:26 PM

How many bus lengths can upgraded turbo GT28 put on FBO E85 GTR for 1/4 and 60-130mph race?

I'm thinking about building my car, don't want it to be laggy as the goal is to have fastest 60-130 (or 40-100mph) time and put 2 bus lengths on FBO E85 GTR.
Is 800whp suitable? as I know 1000whp is a bit laggy for my goal.
Please chime in .

Ronnie at RD engineering- the best

26 September 2015 - 12:17 PM

One of the reason why I waited until now to do an official review for Ronnie at RD Engineering is because I have seen it many times, when you first approach a tuner, seller, they are very nice, even a while after you bought stuff from them but after a couple months if you had issue, it became tough.

I had Ronnie tuned my car since Sep 2014 (with installation of FBO), since then I have had endless support from Ronnie. Until a couple days ago i still receive text from him asking if everything is ok with the car and if I do need further support from him (of course not, the car is perfect).

I am sure there are many tuners out there that are knowledgable to tune your cars right, there are also countless tuners out there that could offer you great customer service. However I have not yet find a tuner that could be the best of BOTH like Ronnie.

Whatever you want to achieve with your GTR, Ronnie will always be the right place to go to, I can guarantee you will be more than SATISFIED.