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In Topic: 2018 GTR Built on Bitcoin - Boost Logic True 68x - 7 Second Pass!

04 January 2018 - 03:45 PM

Regarding a car trailer, check the various cargo trailer seller sites for info. Key factors you might want to consider is aluminum vs steel frame, rounded single piece roof, triple (extended) tongue, v nose, dual spread axles (5,000 lb min), torsion suspension, good electric braking system and controller (good tow vehicle), alloy wheels (16' plus), good quality radial tires, thicker aluminum skin (.035 best), 16" cross members, insulated, aluminum interior walls/ceiling, escape door (for getting out of car easily), solid ramp door w transition flap spring assist and dove tail, rubber coin/noodle flooring, as well as some nice extras like windows, electric service, a/c and heat, built in cabinets. A good quality 20-24' car hauler will cost $10,000-$15,000, or more will all the bells and whistles.

Here is an example of a result with some of the above features...

I also recommend that you study trailer towing info and techniques as it is a whole knowledge base of its own. Get it wrong and pay big time in life and property. Too many people take towing too lightly...literally and figuratively.

Bought my first serious tow vehicle last year, 2017 F350 diesel, and towed a 10,000 lb 24' loaded trailer near 3,500 miles from North Dakota to Phoenix AZ then Los Angeles CA and back, and made sure to learn all the principles of towing first. GVWR and maximum tow ratings, trailer tongue weight ratings, trailer load distribution, fifth wheel versus bumper tow, towing stabilizer bars etc.

Also, be sure to practice your trailer parking...a learned skill to be sure.

Lots of fun and satisfaction of you do it right. Good luck and enjoy.

In Topic: 2018 GTR Built on Bitcoin - Boost Logic True 68x - 7 Second Pass!

01 January 2018 - 04:03 PM

You can't go wrong with your GTR. You will love it. Best all around super car performing car on the market with its four person seating, good size trunk, AWD, Nissan reliability, all weather usability (designed to be driven in the winter snow), and more. I've used my 2015 GTR to run errands, grocery shopping, Home Depot runs, Starbucks for 6-8 drinks and snacks, and for fun cruising, 3-4 day long weekend trips to nearby fun spots, and even a 10 day 3,300 mile trip to Las Vegas through 100 degree to ice covered mountain passes. I've driven my car over 30,000 miles in three years and loved every minute. Yes maintaining the tires and brakes, transmission and diffs can cost a bit, but will within this class of car. I never worried about the reliability or performance, or the usability. Yes, even the mods can be relatively cost effective and a big bang for the buck.

Have fun!!!!!

About crypto...I always worry about speculative investments that don't have substance or hard assets to back them up. We all know what happened to tech stocks of old where the bubble burst. It's not if but when, so you need to be sure to time it right and get out. That's the challenge. IMHO.