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Does anyone have a seatblet pretensioner or access to the plugs ?

10 March 2021 - 07:28 PM

I'm having an ongoing saga with the local authorities about my airbag light since going in for a recent certification. Right now, my car is off the road and not legal to drive.


I've been fighting the flashing airbag light, and done everything with resistors, airbag360, reset etc. It is important to note this is a JDM, and does not have the occupancy sensor as it turns out. I disabled the light, but they picked that up and failed it.


Reading the service manual I carried out diagnostics and it blinked with the code 1 and 3, which are left hand and right hand seatbelt pretensioner. These are supposed to plugged into the chassis. But they are long gone as I have harnesses.


I'm thinking if I can mimic the resistance (or continuity ??) of the tensioners I may be able to get the light from flashing.


Does anyone have one of these assemblies they can put a multimeter across ?


Occupancy Sensor Plugs for Passenger Seat

28 December 2020 - 03:55 PM

*****NOTE : JDM cars DO NOT have an occupancy sensor so this device does not stop the flashing light. Go further down for a solution ******


Hi All,


I just got a Airbag360 to finally get rid of my red flashing light when I replaced my seats.




The problem is after looking everywhere, I can't find a plug that matches up. Has anyone got this working ?


This is the plug on the unit :





And in my car :




I can't find anything under the seats that matches up.


Car is a JDM 2009. 


I've looked at the wiring diagrams etc, and the manufacturer is unfortunately not prompt on responding . . 

Where to get RPM signal from

20 October 2020 - 04:38 PM

Hi All,


I have a RPM shiftlight mounted and installed, but am struggling to get an RPM feed for it. I have wired directly from the ECU, and while it works perfectly when sitting in the garage, for some unknown reason it sucks all power out of the car when trying to drive it, so that option is out.


At the advice of someone on here, I have bought one of these :




But I have no idea where exactly to connect it/wire it in etc. I'm assuming it's on a coilpack ? If so, which one  ? And where would you get switching power from in the engine bay for this ?


Has anyone done one of these ?




Replacement R35 racecar

14 April 2020 - 02:46 AM

Hi All,


With the pandemic stopping the start of my racing season, I was looking around at upgrades to my current FBO GTR (caged/stripped etc) when I came across this one for sale. The thing is it was built in the UK, by a company Severn Valley Motorsport. The seller here in NZ doesn't have much info about it, but I have emailed Severn directly to try and get some more information. However the seller did email me the spec build list, attached near the bottom of this post. I have zero experience beyond FBO and reading on this forum, but could someone have a look and let me know if it looks any good ? Also I note it has aircon delete. I really enjoy having aircon, has anyone ever added it back in ??