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Taylor E-tune services at Cicio Performance are amazing!

07 March 2020 - 10:27 PM

After installing my mods: Cobb AP3, ETS intake 3’ w/OEM MAF sensor, Curt Brown ported DBA turbo inlets 53mm, Boostin' performance ported OEM intake manifold, TSM 90mm resonated midpipe, ID 1050x injectors, and Asnu 330 fuel pumps.  I was deciding between two tuners for E-tunes, (Cicio Performance (CP) and another tuner).  I hadn't heard anything about CP's E-tune services so I went with the other tuner.  It was  a terrible experience.  The tuner gave me costly bad advice, did not deliver on promises, and simply just took my money.  I wanted to put my car back to stock and just give up I was so disappointed.  I'm glad I didn't though.  


I visited CP's website again, took a leap of faith, and purchased their E-tune service ($500).  The next day I got a FRIENDLY e-mail from Cicio with some recommendations regarding my mods.  I went with his advice.  Taylor the tuner sent me details on how the tuning process worked.  His one email had more info in it than a whole month's worth of emails I had with the previous tuner.  We started data logging idle and light cruising.  Then he sent me a revised map to begin 2nd gear pulls.  Holy cow it was amazing!  Then we went onto 3rd gear pulls and I had some clutch slipping issues.  I was so worried I broke something...  Within 2 revisions, Taylor had the trans shifting smoothly again!   7 revisions later we are dialed in, the car runs smoothly, 0/0 knock sum, I am ecstatic!!  I highly recommend Taylor at CP for E-tuning.  He is super nice and listens to the feedback you give him to get tune just right.  Even when he was swamped with World Cup duties, he took the time to work on my tune.  My only regret is that I didn't choose Cicio Performance first.