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Does hot outside air temp contribute to engine knock?

06 June 2016 - 11:34 PM

I have a 2009 GTR, full bolt ons (see signature). I'm running COBBs 91 Octane with Big SF tune.(Have GotBoost 3" intakes)
Normally, it runs great. However whenever the weather is +30C/ 86F or hotter it runs like crap and starts to knock.
I know our 91 octane fuel in BC is crap, and Chevrons 94 is worse, but I just peaked at -1509 on my Accessport with the outside air temp at 84F.

The knocking starts at 3000 RPM or so but right as soon as I change gear. I can feel the loss in power immediately with the boost gauge flashing etc. If I stay in the same gear and redline it, it will not knock. It's as if the shift is too harsh and the air/fuel doesn't know what to do, and timing gets pulled.

When the weather is cooler, it runs great. Also drove down to Colorado last August on 91 Octane, in 85+ weather and didn't knock once. American fuel is much better than whatever I'm putting in.

Does this happen to anyone else? I'll attach a datalog if anyone can decipher it..

Thanks in advance

MFD flicker, then blueish color

05 May 2016 - 12:29 PM

I've tried searching, but I can't find any information on what I'm dealing with exactly.

I have a 2009 GTR, manufactured April 08, so it's probably one of the oldest R35s in North America.

Every now and then the MFD will start flickering, but it's not the backlighting that is flickering. It's losing the red in the color of the screen, so it goes blue/green only. It will stay blue/green for a few minutes and then come back to normal.

I have installed the CarKitCompany front and rear cameras. When I turn on any of them, all of the colors are there in the display. Switch back and there's no red.

It doesn't start to happen with vibrations or heat. It just randomly starts flickering. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

Again, the screen has never gone black but I'm hoping this doesn't happen in the near future.

09 OEM Exhaust & Midpipe

03 March 2016 - 11:40 AM

For Sale - Stock exhaust & Midpipe from 2009 GTR.

Details - Removed at 29,000km, 18k Miles. Some wear from use on Canadian roads. Not winter driven that I know of (rest of the car is immaculate)

Reason for Selling - Installed Meisterschaft.

Shipping - Local pick up preferred. Will ship anywhere at buyers cost.

Price - $400 USD + Shipping for both. $200 picked up.

Payment - Paypal preferred.

Located in Summerland, BC, Canada.

I'd like to sell both as a combo, but I will split them up. Asking $200 for the midpipe & $200 for the exhaust. Get the exhaust for free if you pick it up yourself.

(BC) Diamond Rally - May 14, 2016

13 January 2016 - 06:17 PM

Is anybody on here attending the Diamond Rally? Starting from Vancouver, drive to Whistler with stops along the way. The next day drive from Whistler to Vernon.

It is a charity run for luxury, exotic, and supercars. Also a good opportunity to meet other people with similar interests.

I have a private entry booked with my GT-R. You can bring any car along so long as it's rare or exotic!

So, is anyone attending, or have they attended in the past few years?


2009 headlight retrofit

05 January 2016 - 04:40 PM

I'll be honest, the headlights are absolutely terrible on the GT-R. I put new Morimoto 6k bulbs in the lows and a 6k hid kit for high beam, and all that did was focus all the light right in front of the car. HIDs in the high beams are just terrible on this car..

Flash forward a few months, I decided to open the headlights and order some Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors for the old high beam housings, and replaced the low beam projectors fresnel lens with a clear lens. I then modified the wiring to allow all 4 projectors illuminate on low beam. I also added a few LED light bars.. (I'm afraid of the dark)

Step one: take off front bumper. You do not need to remove the lip or the wheels to take out the headlights.
Attached File  20151229_184614.jpg   187.71KB   210 downloads

The standard low beam projector with fresnel lens and 6k bulb
Attached File  20160101_151734.jpg   25.45KB   278 downloads

The low beam with a clear lens installed, and same 6k bulb. The cutoff is much bluer which I like, and the light appears crisper and not so 'washed out'.
Attached File  20160101_161343.jpg   25.14KB   198 downloads

Right headlight powered on with both projectors illuminated. The steps are slightly different as the projectors aren't the same. The OEM projectors also bow down on the sides which made aligning the rotation somewhat difficult.
Attached File  20160102_224402.jpg   22.76KB   239 downloads

Now for paint. I just couldn't make this part look good. I spent way too much time messing around with painting and how to seal in the new projector so it didn't bleed light through behind the lens. I'll probably go with new shrouds in the future and redo this part.
I decided to go with a satin black to match the wrap on the car, along with a satin red 'eyebrow' above the projectors. I didn't paint the squirrel spotters or turn signal housing because I wanted it to remain bright and functional. The more light the better.
Attached File  20160103_161134.jpg   114.5KB   223 downloadsAttached File  20160103_161244.jpg   75.59KB   242 downloadsAttached File  20160103_225954 (1).jpg   57.36KB   249 downloads

I also installed some led strips for a demon eye effect (it's very dim). They illuminate with the park lights.
Attached File  20160103_211354.jpg   60.73KB   244 downloadsAttached File  20160103_225427.jpg   40.7KB   231 downloads

Finished product. A million times better than the standard GT-R headlights, and crazy color at the cutoff too!
Attached File  20160103_224930.jpg   32.38KB   232 downloadsAttached File  20160103_225002.jpg   48.57KB   234 downloadsAttached File  20160103_224953.jpg   55.07KB   228 downloads

So, I figure that with 4-35w HID projectors, 2-13" spot light bars (60 Watts), and 1-22" hyperspot light bar (144 Watts), totals 344 Watts of total lighting and a theoretical output of 32,000 lumens. I'm happy now!