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Waterless Coolant?

19 September 2018 - 06:29 AM

Just wondering if anyone that lives in a "hell" climate....like Vegas, uses or has used Evans Waterless Coolant in their daily driven street GT-R?


If you have used the Evans Coolant....could you please list your Pro's and Con's for the product


Thanks so much,



My 2015 is on it's way to Top Speed Motorsports for it's engine build...

04 May 2018 - 12:06 AM

After building my Super Sliver GT-R kinda backwards (It's built all around the engine, i.e. Shepard One-K Trans w/drag pack and DSS Axles, ETS race IC, Greddy manifold and Linney 73mm Throttle-bodies and Tial Bov's and much more...like a roll-cage and Willans harnesses.  On E-85 the car is really quick!  But the crappy 91 octane we get in Vegas, not so much!!!


So finally it was time for the engine build!  After talking with Mike and Cicio at TSM,  the decision was easy!!  They sent an 80ft. semi and trailers to pick up the car (along with several ACR Vipers, 2 or 3 Lambo's and so on.  Everything was very professional on this end.  Now the car just has to travel the 3000 miles to Georgia and they can get started on it!  I already miss my car!!!!


Cicio and I decided to add the new AKmotorsports Tubular front subframe at the same time.   They are doing pistons, rods, and ARP bolts as well as TSM Elite Plus Turbos and Level 3 race ported heads.


I am hoping for an 8 sec. car (not a stripped down barely street car!  Car still will have air, all under-hood emissions equipment and factory seats to be re-done in Ferrari Red Leather and the extra weight on the roll-cage. I'm sure I will be running street slicks as I can't get the car to hook up as it is. 


I am also hoping the gang at TSM will take lot's of build pictures and hopefully a video or two!!  I am still trying to decide on the powder-coating colors for the engine bay as well.



More to come.............

Las Vegas E-85?

07 March 2018 - 11:56 PM

It seems as though all the Rebel/Terrible Herbts stations have gotten rid of their E-85 pumps!!!  Does anyone have any idea where to get E-85 in Vegas?  It really sucks without it!!  I know this is not in the "west" section, but I thought more would see it here



Thanks so much,