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2017 Red Nissan GT-R w/ 12K miles / Alpha9 + much more / SF, CA $96k

01 September 2020 - 12:22 PM

2017 GTR  
Price: $96,000 OBO
Miles: 12,500 (may go up slightly with a weekend drive here or there)
VIN: JN1AR5EF3HM821136 
Location: San Francisco, CA (may be shipped in October/November to Orlando, FL)
Private Sale
Money owed to Nissan (can payoff ahead of sale if preferred)
- No Accidents
- Single Owner
Local Pickup: Preferred
Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer) 
Will You Ship International: No
Payment: Bank loan/Wire Transfer 
Contact Method: Email then phone
Trades: No
Will You Allow Test Drives: Yes, for a serious buyer
Why is it for sale: Looking to purchase a 430 Scuderia
Build List

AMS Alpha 9 Gen2 Turbos
AMS Race Intercooler
AMS Fuel Rail
AMS Alpha 9 Induction Kit
AMS Upper Piping for Speed Density
AMS Air/Oil Seperator
AMS 4Bar Sensor
Speed Density MAF
Flex Fuel Kit
ID1700 Injectors
Dual 485lb Walbro Pumps
Visconti Fuel Basket
Linney 4" Titanium Full Exhaust
Tial Atmospheric BOV
Greddy DCT Trans Cooler

Recaro Sportster CS (Heated)
GTRR Half Cage (Bolt-in)
Willans 4PT Harness
Aeromotions S2 Wing (Full Dynamic DRS)
CF Rear Trunk
Difflow Rear Diffuser
Pheonix Power CF Front Lip
Custom Fabricated Skid Plate
Custom Fabricated Steering Wheel (CF with Alcantara with red stitching)
Custom Fabricated Shift Knob (CF with red stitching)
Varis Canards
Hardwired Escort360Max Live (built in mirror and stealth installed laser deflectors in front in rear)
20" Advan GTs

TOYO Proxes R888Rs
Eibach Front/Rear Sway Bars
3 Layers of Ceramic Coating
I think the time has finally come for me to move on to my next ride. I still owe money on the car but if problematic can pay off ahead of sale. Happy to arrange PPI for buyer.

On price, seeing stock 2017 GTRs sell in $85Ks and simple FBOs builds in the high $80s / low $90s depending on miles but my price seems very fair given mods/miles but very open to reasonable offers -- need to start the conversation somewhere.

Some highlights below but I have attached a full build sheet that I track which gives you a sense for the $$$ put into the car far above asking excluding labor. Car has always been garage kept, hand washed and is ceramic coated. No issues at all on this car and never cut corners. Oil changes done every 3months and recently had a trans flush/fill and alignment to make sure its in top shape. 

Car is currently in SF, CA and may be shipped to Orlando, FL for the winter. 

Build: Alpha 9 with stock motor/trans as an all around street/track/canyon car
Power: 710whp/607wtq on ACG mustang dyno (closer to 800HP on dynojet -- they see 560whp on their dyno for FBO e85 cars)

Work: all work done by ACG (James Wie) and service by Boardwalk Nissan (Jason Manowan)


all stock parts available in storage (excluding original seats)
See Pictures Below

Thinking of Selling GTR for 430 Scuderia

15 December 2019 - 01:21 PM

First off, let me start by saying nothing has been decided but looking to this group for some perspective / advice.


For me personally, the GTR has always been a dream car. Ever since the R34 wanting to have one as a part of my garage has been a goal and in 2017 I picked up a 2014 BE Alpha 7. I had an absolute blast in the car...less than a year later, the dealer that services my car happened to have a 2017 that was being heavily marked down (effectively the same price as what I bought my 2014 BE). Loved the interior improvements / creature comforts in the 2017 and overall felt a little more “special” than the 2014...decided to swap out and picked up the 2017 and swapped all my parts for an even trade (ended up being a great deal). Fast forward a year later and the itch was back for more...decided to pull the trigger on a more track oriented build and spent some $$ towards a stock motor/trans A9 setup with a much of supporting mods, interior refresh (Recaro Seats, Cage, etc.)...the car feels planted, drive’s like it is on rails, and feels like an FBO GTR with a lot more top end “go”.


With the market softening on super cars the 430 Scuderia’s have taken a decent fall and there is plenty of inventory available in the $175K+ range. There is certainly something special about having a Ferrari and that car in particular is an experience. There isn’t anyone on this forum who didn’t have a Ferrari or Lamborghini poster growing up and these cars are aspirational goals. Would be a huge bucket list item to cross off. While I wish I had the means to have both (I could probably stretch to do it but it wouldn’t be practical for our family) trying to get some perspective from the group...


The options i am debating are...

a) keep the GTR and say f’it and send to a shop for a full motor / trans build and drop $50-$60K on the car

b) sell the GTR and go purchase a 430 Scuderia (will get some light mods — wheels/exhaust)

c) stretch and try to have both


I keep going back in forth in my mind. While i love option © and it is doable, doesn’t feel justified to have (2) “fun” cars in the garage that AT BEST will get 1K miles a year, that said it is certainly the option that allows me to keep (2) dream cars. Option (b) feels like a good trade and maybe fundamentally the most economical — can argue you wont lose $ on the 430 vs. GTR. Option (a) feels the least economical but likely the one where the GTR feels like an entirely new car... That said, maybe i am back here a year later.


For those who have done high HP builds (there are always plenty for sale on these forums or dealers) what would you do if you did it all over?