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In Topic: RobTuned leaves TSM? That's some crazy news

02 June 2016 - 06:56 AM

Thanks for the kind words guys. As others have mentioned I'll still be supporting my US customers and attending most events in the US, just as I used to do for my customers in the Middle East.

This is the post I made on Facebook:

This week marks the end of an era and the beginning a new one. For at least the next year, I will be The General Manager and Tuner at Alpha Logic Performance in Dubai. Dubai is an amazing place to live and Alpha Logic has an unbelievable amount of potential. These two combined made it an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

It has been a pleasure working for and with Topspeed Motorsports over the past 3 years, but unfortunately due to conflicting views on the terms of our prior agreement, I will no longer be the In-house Tuner at TopSpeed Motorsports. However, I am available to tune TSM customer cars by special request.

Because of this change, I will now be available the one week per month I’d previously allocated for TSM for travel tuning within the US. I hope to maintain a large customer base in the US and continue to help all of my customers around the world achieve their goals and break records!

To schedule a tune, send inquires to [email protected]

In Topic: New stable mate 911 turbo S

13 March 2016 - 08:56 PM

Congrats! I love 911 Turbos, I have a 997.1 myself.

I tuned 991 Turbo S this week at TopSpeed which gained 77awhp and 160ft-lb with just a Cobb Accessport and custom tune on 93oct, that really wakes it up.

In Topic: TSM ELITE PLUS [email protected]! *STOCK FRAME RECORD*

03 March 2016 - 12:14 AM

Well I'm a little late to the party, I'll blame it on the jetlag... :zzz:

Glad to be a part of another great TSM build, I can't wait to be trackside with these turbos!


This car has Kelford Cs

In Topic: 997 Turbo? What do you guys think?

27 February 2016 - 07:40 PM

I have a 997TT and I love it. My 6psd 07 with a compressor wheel upgrade, exhaust, injectors, clutch, and E85 makes 707awhp and runs 5.26 60-130 and [email protected] in the 1/4.

Coolant pipes fail often, the hydraulic spoiler will also start leaking at some point, and the most costly common issue is the cam sleeve failure, typically engine removal and pinning the cam sleeves is around $5k. Considering none of those issues have been addressed, I would say that car is worth $70k.

In Topic: BL1000X dyno - Rob tuned.

27 February 2016 - 07:20 PM

You come off as threatened by a simple question. That doesn't help anything. All he's asking is what math gets ID1300s to support that HP number on ethanol at 95% duty. I'd like to see it too. That's not meant to hurt anyone's feelings - it's just unusual so warrants some explanation. Maybe Rob can answer the question better.

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They already stated fuel pump configuration and base pressure.

I also have a corollary question for Rob - after we satisfy our curiosity about whether ID1300s can theoretically deliver enough e85 (or e70) to support that whp under those conditions - re: his opinion of the relative risks of tuning a car to 95% IDC on a dyno - specifically regarding the dangers operating the injectors in a static mode. Seems like it's either there or will get there with small environmental changes. I've always been afraid of that narrow a margin - maybe my fears are practically unfounded and I can learn something.

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95% idc on 1300cc injectors is risky...Why not op upgrade to 1700cc injectors for the motor safety purpose.

Trapping 161 mph on full weight and aero is very impressive. I made close to 1000 whp and trapped 152 mph and upgraded from asnu 1650 cc injectors to 2000 cc as idc was in the 90% range on e74 with base pressure of 40 psi. I am looking for as reliable 1000 whp as possible and rather not push the envelop.

Even using hp calculator, what temperature is that for? If it was 70 deg f, fuel require,met at 40 deg f is much higher. Usually the tuner will tell you when it is time to upgrade or you can look at the log. Rob have done many GTRs and many happy customers from his track record.

Thanks everyone for the kind words, I apologize for the delay. I'm finally back in the US, its tough to keep up with forums with intermittent Wifi while traveling.

I wish everyone hadn't gotten so caught up on the injectors, but I should have clarified in my first response, instead I just responded to it not being possible to make the power. We didn't expect these turbos to make quite as much power as they did honestly, and ID1700s weren't available (and still aren't). This customer needs to upgrade several aspects of his build due to the performance of the BL1000X, it slipped the clutches on the dyno even while trying to keep the TQ in check, and maxed out the fuel system. I raised the base, and ran the injectors at their limit to get an idea of what the car would make, also to get it as dialed in as I could while I was there in person, so that when he upgrades to ID1700s there won't be much tuning to be done remotely.