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Purchase advise needed (2013 Midnight opal vs 2014 Premium)

24 April 2018 - 06:57 PM

Hello everyone,


I've been thinking about buying a used GTR for almost 2 year now and finally decided to go for it.


Now I have two options available and just wanted to get your opinion and inputs before making the move.


Option 1:

2013 Midnight opal GTR (Black Interior):


-Has the 2015 headlights and taillights

-28k miles

-Dry carbon fiber spoiler

-Nismo cluster

-Price 66.7k



Option 2:

2014 Silver GTR Premium (Red interior)

-AAM competition 90mm Adjustable exhaust

-Has 14.3k Miles on it.

-Price 62.7k



I'm not planning to go for +600hp at the moment, Just an exhaust would be enough for me.

Also, please note that Nissan only made 115 Midnight opal GTRs worldwide and this one is the only one in Saudi Arabia (where I currently work).


What do you think?

Your inputs is highly appreciate it.