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Front and Rear Brake Cooling - Ideas?

25 December 2020 - 05:07 PM

What is everyone doing these days to help cool brakes these days on cars that they track regularly? The Porsche air deflectors seem like a viable option, but I was thinking of modifying an N-Tune splitter to push air into tubes that attach to the backing play of the rotors. Perhaps replacing or modifying bumper so that it has air inlets higher up pushing air into tubes.


Ideas for the rear brakes?


My car is not a show car so I don't really care about show car looks. Functional is more important but I do like ideas that still look good or close to stock.

Anyone Make a Splitter With Proper Brake Ducts?

23 December 2020 - 01:55 AM

I have been looking for a nice splitter for my 2010 to replace my OEM one that is scuffed up now with one that has brake ducts that cool from the center out. I really like how the N-Tune variant looks but they are lame and require you to spend extra money to make the front end match the splitter and it doesn't necessarily direct air directly to the rotors (maybe in conjunction with a track edition type deflector?). That said, there appears to be a prototype version of the RevoZport that looks pretty close to what I would like as a "bolt in" solution. Anybody know of something similar or have suggestions that would require effort spent to cut? I am not opposed to making room to run the hoses, just looking for a minimal effort functional solution.

Perhaps those who track their cars have more effective ideas (bolt in) as opposed to brake ducts in the splitter?

I've attached a picture of said RevoZport splitter. Seems the production solution is not close to what I was thinking with the way air is directed to the brakes.

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