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Paint Correction/Ceramic Coating Products

11 May 2020 - 06:23 AM

Hey all - - i'm purchasing a GT-R and planning to ceramic coat it ... my C7-Z06 was CeramicPro 9h coated professionally and the results were absolutely stunning, so I'm a real believer.  I plan to do the GTR myself, and its been since i had my C6 (~5-6 years ago) since i've done any polishing and such, so I might be out of the loop.  


My setup from back then is a PC 7424XP random orbital polisher, with M105 and M205 polishes, using 105 only where necessary, and 205 everywhere. I have orange (light cutting) and white (polishing) foam pads.  Back then I used to use JetSeal109 as a sealant.


Nowadays, I'd like to put on either CeramicPro 9h, Cquartz or Gtechniq on the car... i'm leaning toward the Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light... however, i know that the prep of the paint is crucial when using any of these, so I'm wondering if there are newer/better products out there nowadays for the polishing/prep steps, especially considering i've read that the Nissan paint is pretty soft.


So, based on some research, i'm planning to do the following:

1.) Wash car with a good shampoo such as Chemical Guys Clean Slate - all companies seem to have something similar

2.) I used to clay-bar, but I've been reading that the Nanoskin Autoscrub is just as good and much faster

3.) Spray and wipe car down with a product like IronX to remove other contaminants

4.) Use a cutting compound where necessary

5.) Use polishing compound all over

6.) Coat in one of the aforementioned ceramic coats.


So, are there recommended products for any of these steps, but particularly steps 4 and 5?  I was doing some research and thinking the Griots Fast Cutting Creme and Perfecting Creme might be good options to replace the M105 and M205?


The car i'm buying has PPF on the whole front of the car - - can you do steps 4 and 5 on the PPF?


Finally (for now), has anyone ever tackled this one or two panels at a time?  I've always done the whole car at once, but i'm not sure i've got the 15-20 hours at a single time to do all this at once.  However, it worries me a tad about having the whole car stripped down from step 1 and then possibly driving it before getting the rest of the steps completed.  If its not recommended, i'll figure out a way to find the time.

Looking for Prior GTR Owner - Jacksonville, FL

07 April 2020 - 05:22 AM

Hey All - 


I've put a deposit on a GTR in the Jacksonville area - might be some frustrated people on here, as its my understanding i got my deposit only a couple hours before 3 different folks walked in to buy the car - sorry if some of you are those folks!


I put the deposit down on the car immediately b/c I missed out on one in Miami 2 weeks ago that would have been a steal!  Either way, this one is a 2015, has 37K miles, its got the ivory leather interior that i love and it appeared to have some bolt on mods - win/win/win/win.... 


However, after doing more research, I found that its HEAVILY modified - - built motor and built transmission at the end of 2015 - based on carfax, it had 18K-20K miles then.... so, i got in touch with the builder/tuner, who i'd imagine is a member on here... i'll keep that person confidential for now b/c that seems appropriate... anyhow, back to the tuner - i'm sure hes' very busy, so i'm hoping to get some help here in tracking down the original owner.  I want to understand the specs of the original build.  


Car is currently making just under 1000whp on E85... i only have 93 pump where i live, so i'm sure its quite a bit less on that, but still a crazy fast car...


From what i'm reading and some sources i trust, a nearly 1000whp car can be a DD - - as long as it was built "right."  I plan to use the car year-round in Upstate NY, except during heavy snows - and probably put 15K miles a year on it, with probably 1 long trip a month to Pittsburgh, PA - round trip would be 800-1000 miles depending on what I do when i'm there.... Therefore reliability is important to me.... we also own a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, so having some expense when maintaining a vehicle is something i understand - but i definitely don't want to get into major rebuild costs like turbos, engine, transmission, etc.... Regular transmission, diff, engine fluid changes are no problem.  Also important is that i will not be crazy hard on the car... no drag strip, no road course, no street racing... just some fun in a car that will meet my need for speed/rush


Anyhow, i'm open to opinions (except those trying to persuade me away so they can buy it - lol), but most importantly i want to track down the original owner to get specs on the build - - and i figured this is as good of a place as any to do that! Any help is appreciated!  I'll keep talking with the tuner, and hopefully not annoying the crap outta him!


edit: forgot to mention - its the bright red  (not regal red) - and a complete sleeper, as it looks completely stock with the hood down, other than the exhaust tips.

C7 Z06 Converts - Thoughts Please

04 February 2020 - 04:47 AM

Hi All,


I've been a forum member for a long time, as I've trolled the cost of used GTR's for years now.  However, i've gotten more serious lately about purchasing one.  Here's the short version of my story and what i'm hoping to get some thoughts on...


Currently I own a 2015 Z06, fully loaded, M7, mild modifications, making 680rwhp on a conservative 93 tune.  Honestly, it a dream car for me, within affordability - I won't be purchasing a F12 anytime soon - the look is gorgeous and the sound is amazing.  However, I have a 5 year-old son, and for several years now, my wife, my son and I can't ever go anywhere together in the car, for obvious reasons.  Between that and the short driving season in Upstate NY, it doesn't get a ton of use - i think i put 6K miles on it last year, but 4K+ of that would be long trips from Rochester, NY to Pittsburgh, PA and back - so, nothing but cruise control set at 74mph.


I've been debating options for trading the Z06 on something that we can ALL ride in and enjoy - along with something that I'd probably drive year-round - along with something that my wife is able to drive.  While i grew up driving nothing but RWD in the snow, i am on the road a lot nowadays, and we get 120" of snow each year, so the added piece of mind of AWD would be nice.  The cars i'm debating are a 2015+ GTR, Porsche 911 C4S or a Porsche Panamera Turbo.  My wife DDs our 958 Cayenne Turbo, and it has made me a bit of a convert, as well as a bit of an interior snob :D 


I'm interested in thoughts from those that have converted from a C7Z to a GTR, how they feel about the trade-offs, any regrets, etc. I drove a 2013 GTR the other day, and i just didn't get that "special" feeling i get with the C7Z.  It didn't "feel" super fast, even though I KNOW it is, which was interesting - possibly bad for the wife with a lead foot :)   I was also kinda stunned at the steering column, having the lock/release from a $25/day rental car.... The car also seemed to have a bit of a rattle when taking off normally - since its an automated manual transmission, i'd relate it to when you release the clutch at low rpm on a manual and you can get some vibration... is that normal?  


I know it sounds like i'm dogging it, but I"m not intending to - I'm just noting a few things - otherwise, i know the GTR is a super strong performer, and maybe best of all, they seem to retain value like no car i've seen before, which is a huge plus!  BTW, the reason I'm looking at 2015+ is two-fold - - - 1.) i'd be financing part of it, which might be difficult on the older cars, and 2.) I really like the premium interior in the light tan color starting in 2015... 


TIA for thoughts!