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In Topic: "TheNewNissan" Commercial features Brie with the Z

04 April 2021 - 11:27 PM

...on the final line-up... where’s the flagship vehicle?  Maybe I missed it somewhere between the Sentra and the Z.  - or maybe the GTR is a class alone...

Nissan doesn't actively market the GTR in the states. Maybe MC can elaborate on that strategy.

In Topic: Help with underbody panel hardware

25 March 2021 - 11:11 PM

Might also be a good idea to run a tap or die on the threads to clean things up if you already have the bolts out. Sometimes mine feels crunchy and those contaminated or rusted threads can inadvertently cause crossthreading if you're not paying attention.

In Topic: Carwow: Nissan GT-R NISMO 2021

25 March 2021 - 02:11 PM

Hehehehehe 😂😂😂😂 was just curious lol.

Only one way to find out. 😁

In Topic: WTB stock downpipes

23 March 2021 - 10:43 PM

Don't doubt it but probably not stock ones at that price.

In Topic: WTB stock downpipes

23 March 2021 - 10:23 PM

You can buy mine but you'll have to add a comma after the 3, add an extra zero to the end of that price. Zelle only.