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Sold - Set of 4 Varrstoen ES2 Wheels, 5x114.3 17x9 +22mm - $480 - Houston, TX

10 October 2020 - 03:22 PM

Sold - Used set of 4 Varrstoen ES2.  Specs: 5x114.3, 17x9, ET 22mm, 20.5 lbs.  Metal valve stems and center caps included.  Color is hyper black and I paid extra for the gold color decals. 


Details - I have these wheels since 2016, and according to my spreadsheet I have driven exactly 5,002 miles on them.  Condition is excellent, no curb rash or scratch, no vibration, holds air perfectly.  One wheel has a rock chip about 1/8" wide, which I honestly didn't know until I started taking these pictures.  The shop that did the ceramic coating for my car said they also coated the wheel, but I'm not sure with what. I did notice there was never brake dust on the spokes.


Reason for selling - Decided to go with a different look.


Price - $480 or please make a serious offer. This is a popular spec and I can easily put them on my future cars, so I would not entertain low ball offers.


Shipping - Local pick up much preferred. I can ship them but not sure why you want to as the shipping won't be cheap.


Payment - Cash or 3.5% added to Paypal.























Updating R32 OEM Projector Lens

16 November 2019 - 02:41 PM

When I first tried the Morimoto H3C HID kit with factory projector headlight, it didn't really work.  The light beam went all over the place no matter how I adjust it, so I just went back to halogen bulbs.  I thought about retrofitting a modern projector like most sensible people would do, but I just didn't like how all the examples I saw would leave a gap between factory bezel and aftermarket projector.  And another issue is keeping factory adjustment, which can only be achieve by either making a custom bracket or hack through the back half of factory projector.


I figure I would try simply upgrading the factory lens and see if that helps.  So I bought a factory projector off a broken headlight and some spare Morimoto lenses from The Retrofit Source to play with, and I think I found a lens that would improve.


Factory lens is roughly 30.5 mm in height and not a very good quality one, it looks a bit "murky" compared to any modern lens.  The other candidates I got were: FX-R (24mm), Q5-R (28mm), and ZKW-R (22.5mm).  Below are the results with H3C halogen bulb powered by a 6v lantern battery.




















OEM pattern really wasn't bad at all, but the Q5-R lens did improve the focus and the cut line was very clear.  Not bad for a $15 lens.  Another bonus is that the Q5-R lens fit like a glove in OEM projector.




And here is how the Q5-R beam compared to my friend's Saturn Sky with aftermarket HID kit.




I will try a LED bulb or HID kit later and see how it comes out.

Thoughts on the new Enkei GTC02 for R32

06 November 2019 - 08:19 AM

Enkei came out with the new GTC02 a couple months ago and I am very intrigued.  What are your thoughts and opinions?  I think the size to get for R32 would be 18x9.5 +15, and it is actually cheaper than the 18x9.5 +22 RS05RR.






Sold - Used Japspeed straight pipe for R32, R33, R34 - $20 - Houston, TX

01 November 2019 - 02:57 PM

Sold - Used Japspeed 3" straight pipe for R32, R33, and R34.
Details - One of the very few straight pipes on the market that comes with brackets to mount factory heat shield.  Also comes with bungs for factory exhaust gas sensor and aftermarket wideband O2.  One new and one old gaskets included, so is the used hardware.  Please let me know if you also want the factory heat shield shown in picture, it's free.  You can find more information and better pictures on Japspeed's websites.
Reason for selling - I upgraded to Tomei's titanium straight pipe.  This Japspeed straight pipe was installed by the previous owner in UK, who had the car for only 6 months before I bought it, so I image not much mileage was done on it but I still don't know for sure.
Price - $20 + shipping.  
Shipping - Please give me your zip code and I will calculate shipping using either UPS or USPS.  Free for local pickup.
Payment - Paypal 3% will be added.

Sold - Used Reimax equal length front pipe for R32, R33, R34, Stagea - $90 - Houst...

01 November 2019 - 02:47 PM

Sold - Used Reimax true equal length stainless steel front pipe for R32, R33, R34, and Stagea.  This is the 60.5mm version, Reimax part number: 17401-AAR10
Details - This is one of the very few true equal length front pipes on the market and it is made by Reimax.  Reimax is mostly known for engineering and producing the RB-X GT2 engine used in the R33 400R (that's right, that 2.8L RB was NOT made by Nismo!)  This front pipe is the 60.5mm model designed to fit factory downpipes, and the exit to cat is 70mm.  This is the perfect upgrade for those still running stock turbos or downpipes, or those want to keep the car's value by staying stock yet still want some incognito improvement.  I am frankly very impressed by Reimax's craftsmanship, the welds are all beautifully made, better than the welds I see on Nismo products.  Here are Reimax and other 3rd party vendor's websites for reference.
Here is a post on Minkara where you can see what it looks like under the car after installed.
Reason for selling - This front pipe came with my car when I bought it, which at the time I was told it was the 65mm version.  I kept this front pipe when I upgraded to Tomei's 68mm downpipes, and shortly after it blew a gasket and that is why it looks sooty.  I initially bought only a new replacement gasket, but when I found out it's actually the 60.5mm version I just upgraded to a Greddy front pipe.  So I will include the mismatched gaskets, but I promise they are all new gaskets! :D
Price - $90 + shipping.  There is light scratch but no dent on the lowest section, and I don't know its age since it came with the car, so I am selling it cheap (but you won't regret when you see the craftsmanship!)
Shipping - Please give me your zip code and I will calculate shipping using either UPS or USPS.  Free for local pickup.
Payment - Paypal 3% will be added.