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Opinion on exhaust and pissy neighbors

11 April 2020 - 01:37 PM

Wanted to get your take on loud(er) exhaust in a neighborhood.  Although my GT-R is pretty loud with an AAM midpipe, I don't drive it very often and it's not really my concern.  The vehicle I'm asking about is a 2018 Ford Raptor.  One of the biggest knocks on the Raptor is the shitty exhaust sound.  It's shockingly bad.  I have a 2018 Lincoln Navigator (same engine as Raptor) and while much quieter, it has a much deeper and more pleasing exhaust note.  Recently did an intake, boost tubes, larger intercooler, and a tune making around 550 hp at the crank from 450 stock. That made it sound a little better with the stock exhaust, but not much. I want to make it sound better, but just about every better option is also significantly louder. We are moving to puckered ass neighborhood in Orlando this summer and don't want to be that guy on day one.  Looking at either the Stainless Works or Borla Atak.