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AC Issue

15 September 2020 - 10:14 PM

I have a 2012 GTR and the AC started blowing warm air.  I had the system recharged, and that seemed to help a little, but it still would run cold and then warm.


I found out one of the previous tuners (either SP Engineering or Doug Ross) had put too much oil in the system and tool much coolant as well.


My current shop thought this may have caused an issue with the AC compressor.  So I changed that out, but I'm still having the same issue.  It will blow cold and then it will blow warm.  Sometimes on start up it blows warm, and after I stop and restart the car, it will blow cold.  Other times it blows cold as soon as I start to drive it.


Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Ecutek Boost Question

03 July 2020 - 11:04 PM

I have an Ecutek on my 2012 GTR and can't remember how to change the boost levels.  I recall something about hitting the cancel button, but I don't remember after that.


Also, is there a way to see exactly how much boost I am running between low, middle and high boost settings?

Big Daddies Mini Cats

20 April 2020 - 06:40 PM

Has anyone tried Big Daddies Mini Cats for CA smog?  with the new stricter rules this year in CA, I wonder how any modified GTR will pass smog, especially a highly modified one.
Has anyone had to get their GTR smogged this year, and what issues, if any have you had?

E85 Prices Nationwide?

31 March 2020 - 08:56 PM

I wanted to get an idea of how much E85 costs in different states across the nation.


The reason I ask is today I found E85 in SoCal for 1.99 a gallon.  I have never seen it below $2.00 a gallon before (the other station I check for E85 was at $2.35 a gallon).


I know most other states are lower than California, but just wondering how much cheaper other states are now.