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G25-660, Low torque 1,500-3,500rpm ?

07 October 2020 - 05:12 PM

I have been driving G25-660 ( AMS Omega 12), full built engine and Shep 1K trans for 6 months. The car makes 1146 whp and 963 ft-lb torque. At high rpm, there is plenty of power for my need. But lower rpm like 1,500-3,500rpm when I drive around regularly, it's felt so sluggish.  Before G25-660, I had Bill Spray it Racing Stage 1 turbo  with FBO. It was the fun car to drive as it has good response abroad wide range rpm. When I chose the G25-660, I had expectation for quick boost response while loose some top end HP compared to 1300 package. Currently I feel like turbo lag where it should not be as these G25 turbos are small.

I am confused. What could go wrong? I don't think boost leaks. Tune not optimized at low rpm? Any suggestion?

1100 whp with 21" tires

28 January 2020 - 12:38 PM

    My car is getting built with quick spool turbos aiming 1100 whp. It is daily driven 12-15K miles/year. Car has Michelin PS 4S 275/30/21 front, 325/25/21 rear.

    Lot of members suggest on R888R for 900+whp street use. Do I have alternative option for 21" tires or 20" is mandatory? I kind of love 21" look if I could keep it.  :banghead:

     Tirerack shows

1. Michelin Cup2 325/30/21 dia 28.7", 275/35/21 dia 28.5"

2. Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2 325/30/21, no matching front in 21"


Would Cup2 be reasonable to hold power?

1000-1100whp from FBO Recipe.

18 November 2019 - 07:36 PM

I'm aiming to upgrade from E85 FBO to 1000-1100whp. Kindly need advice on selection of mod to be cost effective. 



Daily driven and Reliable 1000-1100whp.

Fast boost response. (Closest to stock turbo if it could)


Mod list:

Stage 1 Motor build

Camshaft and Valves needed?

What choice of turbos for fast response? 

Intercooler: Street or Race level?

Intercooler pipes?

Upgrade Intake Manifold needed?

Fuel Pump?

Injector sizes?


Car already has


Upgrade pump and Injectors (not sure what size though)

Sheptran 2.5  Do I need to upgrade to be Sheptran 1K?