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EBC Rotors and Hawk Pad Review

01 December 2020 - 09:14 PM

Hey Guys, Just thought to add a little info for the collective. I ordered the EBC 2 piece floating OE replacement rotors and Hawk DCT 70 front, DCT 60 Rear, from Concept Z performance and this is what I have gathered so far.


Their rotors are extremely well finished, they are some of the best rotors I have seen on any platform from any company.


Packages arrived undamaged and I got pads and rotors within 2 business days.


I received the parts directly from the respective manufacturers. I received 2 rear left rotors so I am currently not able to progress with installation.


Concept Z is in communication with EBC and I will update with on track and street performance as well as resolution to the error once they happen.


Concept Z is a great business and their customer service is one the best that I have ever dealt with with any company. I do not say that lightly. Seriously, They will spend whatever amount of time on the phone, follow up on every email, provide unbiased product guidance... the list goes on. Refreshing to not feel like a number.


I chose these rotors because EBC is a well known brake company for many other platforms and racing disciplines such ask karting, motorcycles, open wheel, dirt bikes... so I figured to give them a shot on my GTR. Concept Z said that the rotors have only been out for a few years and have only sold a few sets so they had Zero feedback. I will provide that feedback and update this post as things progress.


**I will update with some more pics soon**


Update 1/22/21:


So when I initially got my order EBC mislabeled a box and sent me two left rears. They owned the mistake and rushed me a right rear so I could finish the job. Thanks EBC and Concept Z for fixing that problem quickly.


Time to take the new setup out for some "spirited driving" on some of my favorite local canyon roads after a nice bedding in of the pads....

Well, I never made it past the bedding in. The EBC rotors use a unique iron for their rings and they did not accept the deposits from the Hawk pads. The brakes were like an on-off switch and pulsed like crazy (felt warped). Super disappointed at this point.


I emailed EBC and asked what I could do to remedy the situation and EBC's lead engineer got back to me the same day. He said he was aware of a select amount of pad compounds that did not work with their rotors and suggested that I use some of their Blue Stuff pads to correct the pad deposit issue and to use on the street.


He overnighted me a set of blue stuff for the street and a set of r-px pads for the track. Free of charge no questions asked with no worries other then to fix my issue.


I fitted the blue stuff on and they are the hands down perfect street pad. They fixed the deposit issue, are very quiet, dust less then stock, have a higher initial bite and have Significantly more fade resistance then the stock Brembo's. I know the blue stuff pads have been reviewed before poorly on this site and the other one, but when used with EBC's rotors on my car these are the best street pads I have had on any of my vehicles ever. This is the same review I would have given these pads if I paid retail for them. The fact that they were sent as a courtesy to fix my issues has no impact on my experience with their performance.


I installed Goodridge stainless lines and plastic Porsche gt3 brake scoops with install as well. The scoops work in conjunction with my N-tune front lip. The combination of parts put together for this upgrade has exceeded expectations so far. I cannot wait to try the r-px compounds on track. 'Till then I hope to run into a few of you guys on these So Cal roads or at an upcoming track day. Thanks again to both concept z and EBC they have been a pleasure to do business with. I'm super stoked that I now have braking performance that matches the speed generated by this car.

Brake Setup Questions

22 November 2020 - 03:48 AM

I'm in need of some new brakes for a Hpde coming up soon. Rotors and pads are in order but I cant decide on the most cost efficient/ performance efficient option...


Does anyone have any experience with these rotors? EBC® - Nissan GT-R 2015 Fully-Floating Slotted 2-Piece Brake Rotors (carid.com)


Should I go with Carbotech xp20 pads or Hawk dct 70's


When I drive this car it is to DRIVE the car. I usually run in advanced group. I know how to change driving style to "save" the brakes but I would like a setup that will support 10 10ths for a couple laps, and after they cool off are not in need of replacement.


I have had great results with Carbotech's (xp12, 16) in the past and had a huge let down with the hawks I have tried Hawk's (hps, hp,+ caramics, ht10) but it seems like the track rats on this platform love the Hawks's


If the EBC's are a no-go for rotors is there a sub $3k option for rotors that some of you are using for aggressive tracking? Brakes are consumables so I don't care about pretty, I am looking for what will be most cost effective for the most performance.


Basically I don't want to shell out $4k for j hooks and pads if I don't need to but will if it's the only option.

Hwy 33 Cruise

04 August 2020 - 08:28 PM

Hey fellow drivers, 


Who want's to meet up and take a cruise up the 5 and back down to Hwy 33 on Sunday August 16th? Meet around 7:30 at the Chevron at Magic Mountain Parkway & the 5 in Santa Clarita?


Should be a 2-3 hour run, stop for lunch somewhere in Ojai.


Update 8/8

If the lot at chevron gets too crowded we will move across the street to Wendy's


Time changed to 7:30 am


Meet up location: 

Chevron 27549 The Old Rd, Valencia, CA 91355



Option1: 76 station 25048 Valencia Blvd, Santa Clarita, CA 91355


Option 2: 4 Corners Fuel 23055 Soledad Canyon Rd, Saugus, CA 91350



Let's get a list going:


1: livinlrg05

2: Threewhitelights

3: SocalGT-R

4: Geno88

5: Beast714 

6: Guido1350

7: Rileydawgg

8: houseflyR

E85 Question...

30 April 2020 - 03:50 AM

What are the odds that every tank of e85 since I switched 5 months ago from 91 has 77% e content? Not even a decimal percentage difference.


The reason why I am asking is because the first ff-kit I installed had faulty wiring and was reading different contents with every bump I hit in the road. Now every time I put E in the car it reads 77and now I don't have full confidence in the content reader.


If this is common for some of you, to have such consistent content readings I'll feel a little more at ease.

15 BE wheel color

09 April 2020 - 01:22 AM

Does anyone know what the color code is or where i can get paint for 2015 be wheels??? I was ceramic coating the wheels and one decided to take off down my driveway and land on the face.... I've used wheel repair services before and they never come out perfect. So I'm looking to do a dyi.