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My 2017 TSM Elite Plus Build

16 October 2018 - 02:38 PM

Hey Everyone, my name is Andrew. I've been in the GTR community for over 3 years now and this is my second GTR. This is the first time I went beyond FBO's and now that I have both a 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile event under my belt, I just feel the need to write a brief review based on my experience with TopSpeed Motorsports...


So in the first year of ownership, I put over 20,000 miles on my 2017 at the FBO Flex Fuel level. The car saw more than a handful of HPDE track days, drag events, mountain runs and road trips. Then I went to GTR World Cup for the first time and I was immediately ruined. After WorldCup17 I knew I wanted to be involved racing the GTR at a higher level. 


I talked with Cicio at World Cup about doing an Elite setup and followed up with him shortly after returning home. He talked me through my concerns about drivability and usability of a 1000+ hp monster living on a small island and once he mentioned he would fully warranty the kit, I was sold. We set the build date for around my Birthday as a present to myself.


As far as the build itself...

As these things usually do, my original plan of doing just Elite turbos snowballed into doing a full send Elite Plus build.  Because I had the budget and because I knew I would eventually want to go faster. I decided to get the Elite Plus turbos and upgrade all the expensive stuff for more power down the line. With Cicio's guidance we ordered all the parts to do a fully built TSM 3.8 billet crank motor with a Shep stage 4 trans w drag pack, upgraded axles, ETS super race intercooler with supporting mods, AMS intake manifold with 3rd fuel rail, and 12 ID injectors all built in house and tuned on Motec by Taylor. All fully warrantied :)


The results...

I took delivery of the build at the Indiana Half mile event and first pass off the trailer even with the car turned down I still made my first ever 200+ MPH pass!! As the event continued and as I felt more comfortable with the car, we turned up the boost and I ran 209 mph back to back still full weight without a pound stripped out of the car. Turns out that was enough to claim the stock manifold world record and needless to say, I was pumped!! Overall I forget how many passes I made that weekend but they were all over 200 and conditions were far from ideal.


Last Weekend at FL2k was the car's first appearance at a 1/4 mile track. First pass off the trailer with a soft tune and the slicks aired up (my first time racing on slicks), the car ran an 8.6. We dialed in the car over Friday and Saturday and all three runs on Sunday were 8.2's best being an 8.25 @ 165. The car feels dialed in and the results speak for themselves. Full weight plus weld in rear cage in brutally hot and humid conditions on top of that.


On the street I was shocked by how smooth it drives. I've driven the car over an hour to Savannah, street raced until 4am then drove the car home on more than one occasion. I still drive it around town on occasion and am seriously blown away by how drivable it is with this much power. Plus every time I drive the car now its so much more of an event. Its honestly just insane...


The only thing that gives me more satisfaction than this car are the friends I've made along the way. After this whole process I am proud to call Cicio a friend of mine.  And his entire team are nothing but good fun loving passionate people who are serious about building monsters for the street and track. It's truly amazing the family atmosphere Cicio has built between his crew and clients. Its humbling and extremely exciting at the same time and I literally wouldn't trade teams for a free GTR. If anyone is considering doing a build at any level I would strongly consider going TSM.